Heirloom Gown Saved – Rust Stains Removed

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Heirloom Gown Saved – Rust Stains Removed

Metal rusts. Unfortunately many wedding gowns have metal backed or metal shank buttons. Consequently rust stains are a common challenge in wedding gown restoration.

We recently restored a beautiful 1940’s era wedding gown that had severe rust damage. All of the buttons down the back of the gown had rusted through and left severe rust stains on the back of the gown as well. I wasn’t sure that we would be able to remove the stains.

But to my surprise, with a little skill from our staff and the wonderful assistance of excellent chemicals, the stains did come out and this once beautiful gown is beautiful once again. Now we just need to find some buttons….


  1. I’m in need of a miracle. My wedding dress has rust stains an I fear that it can’t be cleaned. I’m getting married in August and I’m really stressed. Help me please!!

    • Hi Christian. In most cases we can remove those stains. Please call us at 866-268-4696 or email at gowncare@heritagegown.com to discuss in detail. We would love the opportunity to take care of your dress.

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