30 for Your Thoughts

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30 for Your Thoughts

We would love to know a few things about your wedding gown and your cleaning needs so we’ve created a survey with a little incentive to coax it out of you.

During the month of November, we’re offering $30 off any wedding gown cleaning, restoration and/or preservation of $299 or more just for answering five easy questions.

Survey Questions

The questions we are asking in this survey are:

  1. When was your gown worn?
  2. What services do you want for your gown?
  3. What criteria is most important for selecting a cleaner?
  4. Are you willing to use a “wholesale cleaner”?
  5. If you are not having your gown preserved, what is the reason?

We made it especially easy because all questions are multiple choice!  And there are no wrong answers.  We would just love your input. So save $30 by taking our survey.


  1. 1. Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest
    2. Facebook (Pinterest is a close second)
    3. Multiple times daily
    4. 2 hours/day (cumulative)

    • Thanks for sharing Megan! Did you fill out the Survey online as well to get your discount code?

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