Setting up a wedding registry is a fairly universal aspect of wedding planning. Wedding registries can be set up in almost any store for any number of items. Usually wedding registries allow couples to get whatever it is they need for their future home and life together.

Traditional Wedding Registries

The couples’ perspectives of setting up a registry usually range between two opinions:

  1. “Yay! Other people can pay for the boring stuff and we can get exactly what we want!” and
  2. “I wish we could just ask for cash!”

Most wedding guests react one of two ways to a wedding gift registry:

  1. “Phew! Now I don’t have to figure out what they want!” or
  2. “$25 for a soup spoon? Why couldn’t they have picked something or gone somewhere else?”

Perhaps there is some common ground for both the engaged couple and the wedding guests — how about an untraditional, alternative wedding registry?! Consider one of these four online wedding registry alternatives to free up gift options for you and your wedding guests.

4 Wedding Registry Alternatives

1. Honeyfund – A honeymoon registry and more

Honeyfund basically serves as a cash registry. Call it a honeymoon registry, a way to raise money for a downpayment, etc. — by letting your guests know what you’ll be using your cash for they’ll be more likely to support you.

2. SimpleRegistry – Any item from anywhere

SimpleRegistry allows you to put all of your wish list items into one place. If you want a certain spatula from Macy’s but a crockpot from Sears you can put them both into one place. It saves you from having to decide what store to pick and allows your guests more freedom in where they shop.

3. Deposit a Gift – A charitable registry

For the generous bride and groom who already have what they need, you can set up an account on Deposit a Gift so your guests can donate to a cause or charity of your choice. Even MORE warm and fuzzy feelings to go around on your big day! 🙂

4.Card Avenue – Gift card registry

Card Avenue is your one-stop shop for wedding guests. Like using SimpleRegistry, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one store to set up a registry. Instead, let your guests save time by not having to track down a particular gift and gifting you a gift card instead. Gift cards don’t expire and then you can get what you want!

Wedding Dress Preservation Also Makes A Great Gift

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“Proper” Wedding Registry Etiquette

You may be already be asking, “what about proper wedding etiquette?” The answer to that question is simple:


All wedding decisions are totally up to the bride and groom. The two of you need to determine whether or not a cash registry is socially acceptable or “proper wedding etiquette.” Consider the fact that it’s 2017 and it’s your wedding, your guests and your choice! 🙂 If you feel uncomfortable putting a cash registry on your wedding invitation, enlist members of your wedding party to get the information out via word-of-mouth.

Online Wedding Registry Convenience

For guests who don’t have your favorite store nearby or who simply don’t want to make a special trip, having an online option may make things much easier on everyone. However one important thing to consider is whether or not your guests are “tech savvy” enough for any of these online alternative wedding registry ideas to be successful. Perhaps keep a traditional wedding registry option in mind for your less tech savvy guests and to put on your formal wedding invitations. Who doesn’t like scouring Bed Bath & Beyond for things you never knew you needed? 😉

What do you think? Will you be exploring any of these wedding registry alternatives or sticking with something more traditional? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments!
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