Wedding Gown Preservation Testimonials

[box3]So Impressed!

I am absolutely impressed with the quality and professionalism of Heritage garment preservation. I bought a dress off the rack and it was filthy I almost regretted buying it. I shipped my dress to them and they paid for shipping. they evaluated it so fast and updated me with everything as the process took only 1 month i received emails updating me on everything from the point of them receiving it to tracking number sent when shipped back to me. I also received phone calls and was literally updated throughout the whole process. when i received my dress i couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. they even fixed beading and back button that was frayed and loose. I don’t know why alot of dresses say to send them to east coast to imperial on the tag DONT waste your time calling imperial they have terrible reviews and bad customer service. Heritage garment preservation should only be used because I cannot explain how fabulous their services were.I am more happy than i even thought. Carmina served me with fabulous and professional customer service I am definitely sending my dress back to them for preservation after my wedding. thanks so much Heritage Garment Preservation!

Ruby A.
May 8, 2013[/box3]

[box2″]Heritage Cleaning and Museum Method Gown Preservation

This company is great. I have been married for almost 4 years and never got my dress cleaned or preserved because I didn’t want it sealed in a box where I couldn’t ever get it out and look at it. They are so thorough. I had a broach pinned on my dress on my wedding day. I have since removed it and put it in a shadow box. They noticed the tiny little pin holes and contacted me to make sure the broach wasn’t missing from the shipping. I was wowed with that close of detail. I had stains from a spray tan on the inside and they are gone! They did a beautiful job and I recommend them to all of my friends!

Apr 17th 2013[/box2]