Payment Plan

Don’t Wait on Your Wedding Gown Care

Pay for your wedding gown care with our payment plan
Heritage Garment Preservation offers one of the best values available for wedding gown care.  Our hand cleaning and museum quality preservation provides exceptional care for a reasonable price. But if your budget is a little tight, don’t put off your wedding gown care, let us set up a convenient payment plan for you instead. Your wedding gown care costs can be divided up into easier to manage payments with no added fees or interest charges.

You can determine how often your payments are made and what date they will occur. What payment schedule will be most convenient for you? Weekly? Monthly? We request that full payment is made within 60 days of receiving your gown.

So give us a call at 866-268-4696 and let us set you up with a custom payment schedule, or utilize our standard Payment Plan so your dress doesn’t have to wait for the care it needs.

Our Standard Payment Plan

  1. The first payment  is a deposit you make when you place your order.
  2. The second payment  is made after we receive your gown on the day you select.
  3. The last payment will be made four weeks later. You’ll be notified when the dress is shipped.
Feel confident in your decision to move forward with wedding dress cleaning and preservation now with our payment plan

Ready to Order? Follow These Easy Online Steps:

  1. Receive a  quote for your wedding gown care.
  2. Select your preferred service and package and add to cart.
  3. When checking out select “Pay later or set up payment plan.”
  4. Divide your order total into thirds and make one payment as a deposit at:
  5. We’ll send you shipping instructions.
  6. Download Payment Plan Authorization form. Fill out form and indicate your preferred date for Payment Plan to start.
  7. You ship your wedding gown and signed Payment Plan Authorization form to us.
  8. We’ll inspect and invoice your gown and set up your payment plan for your remaining balance.
  9. Your payments are automatic. No need to call us. You will receive an email with a receipt when each payment goes through.

Do We Already Have Your Gown?

If you didn’t send your Payment Plan Authorization to us with your gown, you can fax it to us at 888-858-4843, mail it to us at 4592 E 2nd St Ste N, Benicia, CA 94510 or email scanned copy to