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Heritage Garment Preservation bridal gown cleaning and preservation offers high quality wedding gown cleaning and museum quality wedding dress preservation. Our wedding dress preservation techniques are recommended by professional museum conservators and are similar to heirloom garment storage used in fine museums worldwide.

Choose Your Preferred Wedding Gown Preservation

  1. Museum Method™(bagged) wedding gown preservation
  2. Heritage Box™ wedding dress preservation

Museum Method™ Wedding Gown Preservation

wedding gown Dress preservation

Museum Method™ Preservation uses the bagged method of wedding dress preservation and is similar to heirloom garment storage used in fine museums worldwide. Museum Method™ will keep your gown in better condition than boxing or sealing it.

With Museum Method™ wedding gown preservation, your cleaned gown is hung on our special shoulder size hanger made from 100% cotton. Acid free tissue (or cotton muslin) fills in the bodice area, removing creases and giving added support to your gown. Our natural, un-dyed cotton wedding gown preservation bag covers your preserved gown. You can choose to add a custom label on the pocket of your bag with names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. There is also a large pocket on the back of the bag to keep a photo of your wedding.

Benefits of Museum Method™ Wedding Dress Preservation

  1. Your gown is easily accessible! You can inspect your wedding gown to ensure that it has been cleaned to your satisfaction and admire it any time you like.
  2. Your wedding dress is protected from damage from wrinkles and creases. Fabric, like paper, is weakened from folding, often resulting in tears or permanent creases. With Museum Method™ creases and wrinkles are almost non-existent!
  3. Your wedding dress is protected from acid migration. The acid-free tissue absorbs acid which could damage your gown.
  4. Your wedding dress fabric can breathe! Museum conservators all agree that heirloom garments need to breathe. Our cotton cover does not seal in any moisture or chemicals, thus reducing the risk of damage from mildew or chemicals.
  5. Your dress is protected. Our garment bag is made from natural, acid-free cotton, the first choice in preservation for centuries. Our bag has no zippers that could snag or rust. It also has a pocket in front to keep the cotton gloves that we include. (You should wear these gloves any time you would like to inspect your dress.) Another larger pocket is on the back of the garment bag. This pocket is for you to keep a photograph of your wedding and a written story of your special day.
  6. Your preservation bag can be personalized! You can choose to have a personalized label on the pocket of your preservation bag. The label includes the bride and groom’s names and wedding date and location on it.

wedding gown dress preservationwedding gown dress preservation
Museum Method™ Wedding Dress Preservation will keep your bridal gown in better condition than boxing or sealing it.

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Heritage Box™ Wedding Gown Preservation

With Heritage Box™  preservation, your gown is carefully packed in our archival quality  box using acid free tissue or 100% cotton muslin (for Heritage Couture™ packages) to pad all folds. We use buffered tissue for synthetic fabrics, and un-buffered tissue for silk fabrics. Our superior quality preservation box is not a cheap box with an acid free coating (as many companies offer) but is sulfur free and lignin free throughout with a minimum pH of 8.5 and 3% calcium carbonate buffer. TAPPI accelerated aging tests show our box will prevent acid migration for up to five centuries! Specifications for our preservation box exceed those used by the United States National Archives and Records Administration.

Benefits of Heritage™ Box Wedding Gown Preservation

  1. Your wedding dress can be inspected to ensure that it is cleaned to your satisfaction and periodically afterwards, as it is not permanently sealed.
  2. Our box is easily stored in closets or under beds (Boxes vary in size and depth. Slim gowns use 6 inch depth box; average and full gowns use 8 inch box.)
  3. Dress can be refolded periodically to reduce creasing risks.
  4. Custom label also available to personalize your preservation box

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Give your treasured dress the same quality   preservation that museums use for their heirloom garments. Choose either Museum Method™or Heritage Box™ wedding gown preservation to keep your treasured wedding dress in the best condition possible.

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