Wedding Invitation Wording

Choosing your wedding invitation wording is not always as easy as it sounds. Addressing the basic who, what, when, and where questions can be done in a variety of ways. While some prefer formal and basic invitation wording, others prefer creative language that captures their personalities or the theme of the wedding. For example, the invitation could include some French if the wedding were a Parisian theme. Or if Jill and Jeff were getting married, it could start as, “Jeff and Jill walked up the hill.” Humorous wedding invitation wording is bound to hold the attention of potential guests and is a good way to show your excitement for the future.

Tips for Writing Wedding Invitation Wording

For some of your guests, the invitation is the first time they will be exposed to you and your fiance’s relationship. This first impression should not be taken lightly. For some, having a humorous wedding invitation may leave a great first impression to your loved ones, while for others that may be a disastrous choice. Typically, if the wedding is religious in any way, the invitation states that the bride’s parents “request the honor of your presence.” But if it is not religious, “the pleasure of your company” is traditionally used. Often, Christian couples will include references to the Bible. Wedding invitation verses are also common for those who want to celebrate their religious faith and their marriage.

Humorous wedding invitations can grasp the fun personalities of the bride and groom and tell guests more about their history.

Humorous wedding invitations can grasp the fun personalities of the bride and groom and tell guests more about their history.

The invitation wording is usually dictated by who is hosting. Between the different kinds of families and the hosts of the wedding, there are many different ways to write the invitation. Whether the host is the  bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, both sets of parents, or the couple, there is a systematic way of indicating it.  Typically, if  its the parents of either the bride or the groom, the first line starts as, “Mr. & Mrs. Parent request the pleasure of your company.” If both sets of parents are hosting, then it should read, “Mr. & Mrs Parent and Mr. & Mrs. Other Parent request the pleasure of your company.” If parents are divorced and not remarried, then it should read,”Susan Smith and Samuel Smith request the pleasure of your company.”

Invitation Wording and Design

Knowing your wedding style is crucial. Besides the invitation wording, the design of the invitation will give a glimpse as to how formal the ceremony will be. Knowing the colors and incorporating them into the invitation is a practical way of planning, as the same motifs can be used on menu cards, ceremony programs, and thank you cards. And although invitations are usually 4.5 inch-by-6.25 inches, modern cards in different sizes is a good way to show your fun side. Just make sure that the writing is legible. Avoid light colored writing on light backgrounds and dark writing on dark backgrounds. And make sure that you use a font that is easy to read.

It is smart to include directions to the even and postwedding activities, but do not include them on the invitation. Instead, enclosing this information will keep thje invitation looking clear. And starting early will allow you to avoid panicking; It takes a few weeks to print and send invitations. Just make sure you do not send them too early, especially if guests need to RSVP. If you send them too far in advance, people will forget about it and not respond.


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