Wedding Flower Ideas

You have the man, you have the date, you have the dress, but what about wedding flowers? Wedding flowers are an essential part of the beauty of every wedding, so should be included early in your planning.

There is a lot more to choosing wedding flowers than what meets the eye. Your wedding can say a lot about your style, and having the perfect bouquet and flowers is a perfect expression of that style.  Finding the perfect ideas for your flowers is easier when you have learned exactly what you want and what will actually work for your wedding. There are five factors to consider.

Roses and orchids are beautiful in Spring bridal bouquet

Roses and orchids are beautiful in Spring bridal bouquet

Fall flowers are hard to find, but they are gorgeous

Fall flowers are hard to find, but they are gorgeous

Summer bridal bouquets can include vibrant flower colors

Summer bridal bouquets can include vibrant flower colors

5 Tips for Great Wedding Flowers

1. Budget: No one likes the word, but having a budget is crucial before you look for inspiration. Flower prices can really range (about $600 -$6000), depending on the type of flower, how many you are getting, the complexity of the arrangements, and who is doing the arrangement. Knowing how much you can spend and then deciding what your biggest priorities are will help you choose the arrangements that will make your day all the more perfect. Your bouquet will be one of the most memorable pieces of your wedding, so make it a priority in your budget.

2. Research: Start with looking in magazines. What catches your eyes? You may be drawn to particular colors or flowers, or simply a type of look. This is a great place to start. You will be ready to tell potential florists what you are drawn to and what you find unattractive. Also, check out home improvement stores. Looking at color swatches will allow you to see the many possibilities you can make with different shades of flowers. It is nearly impossible to find the exact shade of a color amongst different kinds of flowers, so be ready to work with various shades.

Next, research your florist. You will be working closely with her and trusting her to arrange much of the wedding’s look, so take this step seriously. Not only should you be able to click with her, but you should look at pictures of her previous work and listen to stories about her work so that you can get an idea if she is the one for you. Finally, consider your style. When you open your closet, do your clothes scream fun and whimsical or calm and classic? If you are drawn to a certain style of clothes, you will feel happy about choosing flower styles that reflect that taste.

3. Consider the time of year: Each season is better for some flowers than others, so using the season’s natural beauty to your advantage can help create a gorgeous wedding day for the most affordable cost.  Flowers like roses, lilies, and hydrangeas are available all year, but many flowers are not readily available and could be quite expensive off season. If, for example, you really want cherry blossoms in your bouquet, then you better plan for the last week of March or the first week of April. These flowers, along with peonies and lilacs, are only available for a small part of the year.

Spring Wedding Flowers

Summer wedding flowers are easy to find. You can find flowers in autumn and winter, but it is definitely a smaller selection and could potentially cost more if you need a more rare bud.

4. Alternative bouquets: And speaking of autumn and winter, there are many creative and beautiful bouquets that can be made out of anything but flowers. Ranging from pearls and diamonds, to pages of books shaped as roses, to silk wedding flowers, these are cheap wedding flowers that still give your creativity a chance to shine.
Wedding flower ideas include brooch bouquets.

Wedding flower ideas include brooch bouquets.

In fact, you may be surprised at some of the amazing bouquets that can be made from alternative flowers. Or combine natural flowers with brooches, silk flowers, etc. You can always find some interesting samples on Pinterest or a Google image search.

5. Role of the flowers:  Decide how you want to decorate with flowers. You may be the type of bride who just wants a few flowers on each table or the bride who wants flowers on nearly every inch of the venue. No matter what you want, here are a few tips.

  • Flowers should compliment the venue. If you are in a ballroom, refrain from wild and rustic flowers. The room sets a theme and the flowers serve to support that theme.
  • Refrain from center pieces with tall vases and tall flowers. These centerpieces just get in the way of conversation. But we have to admit they are sophisticated. So if you must, just make sure that vases are clear and thin.
  • Your photographer will want to take pictures non-stop throughout the ceremony. Because of this, make sure you keep to simple and structured arrangements. The reception can have a more loose feel to it. But distracting flowers during the ceremony can take away from the photos that you will cherish.
  • Decide who is going to wear or carry flowersUsually bridesmaids carry small bouquets, but if you do not have bridesmaids or you prefer to keep things simple, perhaps you could opt for wrist corsages. However, keep in mind that the mother and father of both the bride and groom, and usually special guests like grandparents, wear corsages and boutonnieres, respectively. This distinguishes them from others and makes it easier for guests to know who the parents are.

6.Wedding Dress Preservation and Bouquet Preservation

After your wedding preserving your wedding dress and bridal bouquet will also preserve memories of your special day. You may choose to dry your bouquet and find a service that specializes in bouquet preservation. You can choose between two methods of wedding dress preservation and a get a quote for this service before your wedding so you are ready to go. And plan ahead for bouquet preservation so you can designate someone to care for your bouquet before you leave for your honeymoon. These mementos will be cherished throughout your life and your children will adore them also.

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