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Heritage Garment Preservation
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by Melinda on Heritage Garment Preservation
Great Service!

My husband found Heritage by searching online and looking through reviews. We live in Houston and needed to get our daughter's gown cleaned and preserved - the wedding was in 2015 so the dress had been in our closet for awhile. I found their website and information to be very helpful. The email communications were timely and kept us well informed. Towards the end of the process, we had moved and I needed to update the address and delivery instructions. Suzanne was so helpful - called me back because I was a little panicked and thought I had missed the opportunity to ship it somewhere new. We spoke 2-3 times and she told me exactly what to expect and was super flexible! My daughter was thrilled when she received the dress. The entire process was great! Thank you, Heritage!

by Cheryl W on Heritage Garment Preservation

I chose Heritage to restore my grandmother's wedding dress that is 100 years old. It was kind of a mess and I never thought it would turn out so beautiful. It's easy to imagine my grandmother wearing the dress and her thoughts and feelings about her wedding to my grandfather!

Thank you for doing such a careful, professional job. The dress is being donated to a local museum and I am sure they will be as satisfied as I am. Thank you for working out all the details with me and reassuring me about the job that would be done.

I just recently received my mother's wedding dress back from your company after preservation. I'm very pleased with the results. What I sent you was a yellowed, wrinkled dress and what I have received is a beautiful off-white vintage dress that I am sure my mother would have been proud of.

You know, it is a matter of trust to send to you such precious dresses. You have far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for the TLC and wonderful Job you did with both dresses.

Cheryl W


by Kathy W on Heritage Garment Preservation

My dress - which was in fairly unfortunate condition - came back looking just as good as the day I bought it 9 years ago. Can not recommend them enough. Suzanne and staff were an absolute pleasure to work with.

Kathy W



by MIchelle Carpenter on Heritage Garment Preservation
Heritage Gown Preservation met all our needs

I have 2 daughters , both got engaged and planned weddings for the same year. I purchased packages for both gowns at the same time to have gowns cleaned, repaired, preserved . Before my second daughter’s wedding the Panademic hit causing her wedding to be delayed. Suzanne at Heritage worked with us and everything went smooth as silk. We would definitely recommend Heritage to all brides. Very professional, easy to work with, and the finished product everything we expected.
The Carpenters

by Sonya Mallinoff on Heritage Garment Preservation
Beautiful Work!

I sent my daughter's gown in for cleaning and preservation. It had been hanging in my closet for 4+ years with a heavily stained hem from an outdoor wedding, sweat stains and damage to extensive beading. It was a couture gown. Heritage did absolutely wonderful work. All the damage was corrected and the gown came back stored in a museum preservation bag. I so highly recommend HGP. Suzanne was responsive, helpful and followed my gown from start to finish. We were nervous mailing it but it went seamlessly. Highly highly recommend. You can trust your gowns here.

by Lisa Bayard on Heritage Garment Preservation

The dresses look absolutely fabulous! They both are in pristine condition and beautifully packaged. My daughter and I could not believe you got the red mud out of the hem of the second dress. My 40 year old gown looks just like it did the day I wore it 40 years ago. They both look brand new. You preserved them in beautiful packaging, with gloves for handling and instructions how to handle them. This is important to have and it's stored in the box so we have a set of instructions for each garment. My daughter is keeping one gown at her house and I am keeping one at mine. So I made a copy of the instructions for the second box. I have shared my great experience with Heritage with colleges and friends. It's rewarding to know the gowns are clean and beautiful and ready for the next generation. Thank you for doing such an amazing job. Hats off to you and your team.

by Patricia Rarick on Heritage Garment Preservation
Wedding Dress Restoration

I had a wedding dress from 1959. My mother wore it, I wore it and my daughter wanted to wear it. It had yellowed over the years and had brown and blue stains on it. It was silk. I sent it to Heritage Garment Preservation and Restoration and they did a beautiful job removing the stains, pressing it and getting it back to the ivory color it was.


by Kasey Brown on Heritage Garment Preservation
Absolutely Fabulous!

I couldn't be happier with Heritage Garment Preservation! I left it to the last minute and was scrambling to find some way to preserve/clean my wedding dress after my wedding. Three days after my wedding, I moved 4,500 miles across the globe and didn't have any way to take it with me on the plane - so when I say I was scrambling, I really mean it! I did some google searching and I am SO GLAD that I found HGP. Not only did they do an INCREDIBLE job, but they were SO great communicating and keeping me updated. I was worried about cost because the bottom of my dress also got significantly dirty on my wedding day, but HGP was very, very reasonable. I give them 14 stars out of ten!

by Dawn B. Eldridge on Heritage Garment Preservation

I could not be happier with the work you did on my grandfather's christening gown. For YEARS, it has sat in a regular cardboard box causing holes and staining. From my first phone call to last, everyone I spoke with was a pleasure to deal with. To receive the gown back, in a beautiful preservation box, was a thrill for all in my family. I hope to pass it on the next one in the family to have a baby. Thank you for your excellent work!

by Fiona B on Heritage Garment Preservation

The christening gown arrived safely. It is absolutely beautiful. I cannot believe it is so white. The gown has been worn by generations of our family for over a hundred years and now my new grandson will get to wear it. Could not be happier. thank you so very much.

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