Wedding Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Hanging a table is the perfect way for your wedding to be beautiful and functional.

Finding the perfect wedding decorations can be a challenge, but it can also be really fun! After all, aside from the dress, the overall atmosphere of your events will leave life-long memories for you and your guests. We present some tips, including tips on outdoor wedding decorations, that incorporate function within your beautiful wedding celebration.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Did you know that having your wedding and events outside is sometimes more affordable than celebrating inside? Without the cost of heating and maintenance, having a wedding outside is a great way to save some dough. And it can be easier to decorate outside since the natural ambiance is the perfect backdrop for your big day. Choosing a focal point, such as a gazebo with a hedge on either side is the perfect way to utilize the landscape. And speaking of utilizing the landscape, there are many ways to make nature functional.

  • If your venue has a tree with long, strong branches, you can tie rope from the branches to corners of a table top. The wooden table top has no need for legs as long as it can remain balanced. This is a great way to incorporate a “wooded” theme in the most unexpected ways.
  • Hanging photos of you and your fiance in wooden picture frames on wire across trees not only incorporates the natural landscape, but is also perfect for a windy day. Instead of worrying about pictures falling over on the tables, tied picture frames will stay put.
  • If you have wooden flower planters, don’t let them go to waste! Turn it into a rustic drink cooler. Line them with a mylar foil and fill it with ice and sodas!

Summer or Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas

Chances are, if you are thinking of an outdoor wedding, you are planning it for the summer or fall. As beautiful as these seasons are, there are a number of potential problems that can turn your perfect day into a nightmare. Luckily, there are solutions that not only work, but also look fantastic and rustic!

  • Problem: Mosquitoes biting guests. Provide guests with clear bottles of insect repellent. Tie ribbons with your wedding colors on the bottles and place them in a cute basket. If you are worried about bugs getting into drinks, put cute cupcake wrappers over glasses and place straws through the middle of the wrappers.This allows your wedding colors to be incorporated anywhere someone happens to put down a drink.
  • Problem: A scorching hot day. This is the perfect opportunity to show your creative genius. Glue your wedding programs on fans. Not only would this help your guests stay cool, but it is a cute way to incorporate a hot day into your wedding themes. And like the bug repellent, providing cooling face mist in cute bottles will make everyone happy without making things look out of place. Sun glasses, water bottles, towelettes. All of these things can look cute and add to the ambiance. And make sure you get a florist who has experience keeping flowers cool on hot days!
  • Problem: Womens’ shoes are falling through the ground. This is a very common problem for outdoor weddings; women wear their beautiful heels and then they end up sinking through the dirt. Providing a trendy bin with cute flip-flops or even heel covers will make your guests more comfortable with dancing and participating in different activities.
    Natural beauty can create a beautiful background

    Using a focal point is a simple, but effective technique for decorating.

    A Final Thought

    Finding the right wedding decorations does not need to be complex. Often, simple outside wedding decorations can be beautiful! Sticking to the basics of flowers, candles, and wedding colors gives any wedding a classic feel!

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