Unique Wedding Themes

One of the most common questions brides encounter soon after they announce their engagement is if they have any wedding theme ideas. Most weddings in the United States have some kind of theme; they are as simple as a color combination to as specific as a camping motif in every aspect of the celebration. According to Bridal Musings, a theme is “simply a style choice that you apply to all aspects of your wedding day from the invitations through to your table settings…provides you with a cohesive look for your day and will typically give you a day that is easy to label.”

Unique Wedding Themes: Choosing your wedding theme ideas

Bridal Guide Online Magazine has a great selection of unique wedding themes.

Bridal Guide Online Magazine has a great selection of unique wedding themes.

It starts out with thoughtfully deciding what you want the over all feel to be like. It is important to do this before you choose specifics. For example, one bride decided she wanted turquoise and orange as her colors. This ended up really limiting the bridesmaid dress choices. Instead, she recommends that brides decide how they want the over all atmosphere to feel and what it might look like with specifics such as dresses, decorations, and food. Once you have the idea, you are ready to come up with specific details. This allows for the day to be rooted in feelings and personality.

Most brides agree that when they look back on their wedding, they are glad that it reflected their and their husbands’ personalities and interests. This satisfaction stems from planning wedding themes that are┬ábased in what makes the relationship special. Paying attention to what words they say when coming up with ideas keeps the wedding planning focused. For example, one bride loved Halloween and so she and her fiance planned for a Halloween-themed wedding in October. They found themselves saying orange, black, costume, trick-or-treating, and lighthearted. As they made decisions, they kept these words in mind. The wedding planning was focused and the wedding came off just as they had planned.

Wedding Theme Ideas

If you find that there is no one way to describe you and your fiance, do not worry about it. There are lots of different unique wedding themes to consider. Let’s take a look!

  • Beach theme wedding ideas: This is pretty easy to do if you plan to get married on the beach. But even if you are not, there are still many ways to illustrate your love for the ocean. Start off with an invitation that has a starfish or sea horse printed on it. Have your flower girl carry a basket with star fish motifs sewn on the side. Or top the cake with two little star fish instead of a bride and groom. Your wedding dress should be light and you should wear your hair lose, as if you were experiencing a slight breeze while next to the ocean.
  • Nautical theme wedding ideas: This is very similar to the beach theme, but instead of being focused on the sandy land, focus on the water! Sail boat motifs can be found through actual representations of boats or through a thoughtful red/blue color scheme (you don’t want it to look like a 4th of July party). Make sure to take photos wearing boat captain hats!

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