Skin Care Tips

Daily cleansing and moisturizing are an important part of your skin care routine.

Daily cleansing and moisturizing are an important part of your skin care routine.

Neglecting a skin care routine is a common mistake for young adults. With families and careers blossoming, who has time to take care of skin, especially at night? Unfortunately, having this attitude is detrimental when considering long-term skin health.

The most important way to prevent poor skin in the future is just that: prevention. Fortunately, there are many easy and applicable ways to build good habits for your skin’s health.  And good skin care habits, like all habits, once developed become second nature.  And down the road, those habits can pay off with beautiful, healthy skin.  So make the effort today to develop a good skin care regimen and then stick to it.

Building a Skin Care Routine

First, you need to know your skin type.  You should seek cleansers that specifically work for your type. Generally, gentle soaps work for normal skin; cleansers with alcohol or fragrances are terrible for dry skin; oil-free foaming cleansers are perfect for oily skin; and sensitive skin products should have calming ingredients like aloe and chamomile and no alcohol or acids.

Doctors recommend that no matter the skin type, moisturizers are important and should be applied while damp. Applying sunscreen is one of the most important ways to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. Other tips for glowing skin that should be part of a daily skin care routine include taking makeup off before bed (makeup can clog pores) and keeping hairspray and gel away from skin. Dermatologists agree that abstaining from smoking and alcohol, as well as getting enough sleep and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables make a huge difference in the quality of complexions.

Various Skin Care Tips

There are a variety of skin care tips that address various concerns you might have for your skin.
I. Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips
Your skin care regimen should include cleansers with alpha-hydroxy acids that exfoliate dead cells, plump skin, and give a good, healthy glow. Anti-aging serums that contain antioxidants or peptides (which bolster collagen production) should be dropped on to cleansed skin. Retaining moisture is also important as cells that become dehydrated make skin look dull in tone and texture. Formulas with an SPF of 25 or more that contain glycerin are best for retaining moisture. Applying eye cream before bed helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night relieves stress and therefore improves complexions.

II. Acne Tips
What is more frustrating than getting acne as a teenager?   Getting acne as an adult. Adult acne is caused from clogged pores that attract bacteria and become inflamed. Women are more susceptible to acne especially during pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause. Some medications and cosmetics are also associated with acne.

Treating adult acne is difficult since most medication is made for teens’ oily skin. Avoid gels with beads and granules, as their abrasive textures can irritate skin. Lotions and creams should contain salicylic and glycolic acids to fade acne scars. Various medications, such as tetracycline and oral contraceptives can balance hormones. Antibiotics containing dapsone help fight infection and inflamation.

III. Skin Care Tips for Men
Men tend to want to use soap bars instead of liquid cleansers. As long as you have oily or normal skin, that is OK. Bar soaps tend to make skin dry. Men should seek moisturizing bar soaps with glycerin. Anywhere hair is thin will need sunscreen. Many hair sprays and gels come with SPF protection. Likewise, men should shave with cream that contains aloe or use pre-shaving oil that softens beard hairs. Blades are more likely to irritate skin than electric razors are. Men who use multi-blade razors that promise close shaves are more likely to have irritation; sticking to one or two blade razors will be the best way to prevent that.

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