Romantic Date Ideas

Dates don't have to cost a ton when you are with the person you love.

Dates don’t have to cost a ton when you are with the person you love.

After the first few months and years of marriage, many couples stop dating and put their relationship on “autopilot.” While this is only natural due to stresses with work and children, not making sufficient time to date your spouse can lead to dissatisfaction for both parties; boredom at first, and a threat to the marriage in the long-run. Dating is a great way to connect with your spouse on many different levels. It also allows for new experiences that only the two of you can cherish. It reminds each other that you are both loved and cared for. Planning and caring out dates is a way to compliment your spouse. We understand that there are many things that might hold you back from finding good romantic date ideas. You may be concerned about money, you can’t get a sitter, or you are lacking some creativity. Let’s start with the first!

Romantic Date Ideas:

Inexpensive Dates

Let’s be honest. Sometimes the bills seem so high that the last thing you need is to spend money on a date. Luckily there are many great dates that are still inexpensive.

    • Bring out your competitive sides while simultaneously shredding those infamous post-wedding pounds by preparing for a running race or bike race together.
    • Head out to your closest city and check out a new exhibit in a museum. Many museums offer discounts and some will have free admission a few times a year.
Having regular date nights keeps love alive.

Having regular date nights keeps love alive.

  • Speaking of the city, many bars and coffee shops host nights that showcase local writers’ work. This can cost as little as nothing.
  • Go to a farmers’ market or flea market. Choose one thing to share while just enjoying walking together and taking in the experience.


Romantic Date Ideas:

Dates from Home

Couples can spend quality time together exercising!

Couples can spend quality time together exercising!

Who said that date nights have to be away from home? Of course staying at home makes it a lot more tempting to just sit on the couch and stare at the TV, but if you plan right, there are some amazing romantic date ideas at home. This is especially a great idea when you have little ones at home and you can’t get a sitter every week. Try out these ideas!

  • Make dinner together. Discuss beforehand a dinner you would like to make, and then make sure that you have all the ingredients together before the date starts. Last thing you want to do is have grand plans and then end up ordering the same old pizza.
  • Have a spa night. Get some scented candles, soft music and low lights and take turns giving each other massages. Just make sure you put in the extra effort. Clutter adds to stress, so make sure the room is tidy!
  • Have a chocolate taste test.It is easy. Get a few flavors of chocolate, print out this, and test each other’s ability to identify chocolate. This game is also strongly recommended if you just need an excuse to eat chocolate.
  • Host a fondue/game night. This is a great way to spend time with other couples, without needing to address how much everyone can spend.

Romantic Date Ideas:

Following Through with the Date

If you are anything like most couples, you have probably more than once cancelled your date plans for one reason or another. That is why we suggest planning some fun date ideas well in advance of the date. Let us elaborate.

  • If you are lucky enough to have a completely free Saturday, try this out. There are a few cards for breakfast, an event, dinner, and lovin’. Each card has an option that will meet your needs. For example, if you know

Camping with friends is a great activity for the summer.

Camping with friends is a great activity for the summer.

you will probably be tired at the end of the day, the dinner and lovin’ topics can be really low key. Approaching the day this way gives a sense of mystery while offering activities that you know you both will like.
  • If you have only an evening together, try this method. Get a mason jar and paint popsicle sticks with either white, pink, or red on them. Each color will stand of a type of date: at home date, a more expensive date that doesn’t need a lot of panning, or a date that is a bit more expensive and needs planning. A few days beforehand, discuss what kind of date you will be in the mood for, and choose a popsicle stick with that color. This allows you to choose dates before you are tempted to fall back into that same routine.

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