Wholesale Cotton Garment Bag 6 Qty




  • Fits most wedding gowns
  • 74″ Natural, unbleached, cotton garment bag (shrinks to 69″)
  • Tie closures
  • Wash before use to remove sizing.

Suggested Retail $39.99   Wholesale – $23.99 each

Wholesale Museum Method Preservation Supplies for six gowns
Wholesale XL Cotton Garment Bag 4 Qty

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 cm


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  1. A.Randolph

    I own an eco-friendly wedding consignment store and feel it is imperative that brides have the option of buying a garment bag that is good for their gowns and their pocket books, not to mention easier on the environment. Too many bridal stores only offer overpriced plastic garment bags. Heritage’s cotton garment bags are suitable for both short and long-term storage, unlike their plastic counterparts. They are made of durable, breathable cotton (plastic garment bags tear so easily), block light from harming the gowns, and they have 2 great outside pockets for storing related wedding items. I feel a sense of relief knowing that I’m sending my brides out the door with a garment bag that will not harm their gowns and that have less impact on the environment. I price them separately from the gowns, and brides are not pressured into buying them. So far, the response has been great!

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