Veil Tissue Kit




For use with any preservation box.  This acid-free tissue kit includes:

  • Archival Intercept Bottom Sheet (see details below)
  • 5 sheets of acid-free tissue (24″ x 72″)
  • 1 pair of cotton gloves

Archival Intercept® Bottom Sheet
Archival Intercept® neutralizes oxidizing gases in the air such as ozone, carbonyl sulfide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, nitrogen dioxide and hydrogen sulfide and bonds the gases to the Archival Intercept sheet.  Intercept reacts with and permanently neutralizes oxidizing gases. Intercept is also an effective passive fungicide and bactericide.

Testing done at DuPont and AT&T determined that under normal levels of atmospheric sulfur and chlorine, .001 inch of Intercept film would neutralize the gases for more than 10 years. As the gases attempt to permeate the Intercept film, they encounter the active copper attached to the polymer end chains and are reacted and permanently neutralized.

Acid-Free Tissue
A high-quality, unbuffered, archival tissue paper for interleaving and wrapping.  It is safe for all fabrics, acid-and lignin-free, and thin for easy folding, padding or crumpling without hard edges. 

Cotton Gloves
Wear your cotton gloves any time you handle your preserved garment to protect it from the natural oils in your hands. Museum conservators recommend refolding boxed garments every few years to prevent permanent creases from forming.

Additional Accessories
Shipping Kit

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 0.5 × 16 × 12 cm


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