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Restoration Notice

Please be aware that the restoration process is a hot chemical treatment that will whiten yellowed gowns and remove oxidized spots. While most gowns handle the treatment well, some gowns can be damaged by this treatment. Potential risks include lace tears, chafing of silk gowns, thinning of some satins, color alteration of some silk fabrics. We will do all we can to test fabrics for safe treatment and notify you of any risks of which we are aware; however, it is impossible to predict the final outcome of each dress. Consequently, we require a signed liability waiver for all wedding dress restoration orders. In addition, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required to initiate gown restoration treatment.

Please note that gowns over 50 years old are particularly susceptible to tears in lace. These tears can often be repaired, but the repairs are done by hand and can be very time consuming. We can add up to 6 hours of repairs to your restoration order at a rate of $50 per hour if needed. Heritage Couture orders include 2 hours at no charge. For most gowns, a few hours of repairs is sufficient. If your gown has many tears, before or after treatment, you will need to find other means of repairing your gown. Heritage Garment Preservation training videos may provide assistance.

Select Service Package

Heritage Select™

Restoration Only
Standard Service Package


  1. Most fabrics & gown styles
  2. One accessory (veil or other)
  3. Steam pressed
  4. Additional charges for very dirty hemlines, extreme stains, metal backed or wood buttons or gowns requiring special care
  5. Minor repairs included
  6. Pre-paid shipping label emailed to you (shipping kit available for $20)
  7. Drop off dress at local FedEx center

From $499

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I didn’t think it was possible…

Your company did a beautiful job on my wedding dress! I am very pleased with how clean it turned out. You were able to eliminate the yellow and the dirt from my dress that was 38 years old. I didn’t think it was possible!

Lisa Morris


Heritage Couture™

Restoration Only
Premium Service Package


  1. All fabrics and gown styles
  2. Three accessories included
  3. Hand pressed for a perfect finish
  4. Includes all hemline conditions, stains, metal backed or wood buttons and gowns requiring special care
  5. Repairs included  (2 hours)
  6. Shipping kit included – box, tape and pre-paid shipping label shipped to you
  7. Priority Service included
  8. Courier pick up at your home or office

From $749

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Special Care and Service Packages

Heritage Select™ package may accrue additional charges ($50 – $250) for very dirty hemlines, severe stains, vintage button care (metal backed or wood) or for couture style dresses requiring special care (i.e. three dimensional appliques, feathers, unfinished edges, hand painted designs, etc.)

Heritage Couture™ package includes service for wedding gowns from any designer, with any fabric, style, hemline condition, stain, vintage button and/or other embellishments requiring non-standard care.

More About Vintage Buttons: Depending on the age of your wedding gown, it could have buttons made with wood, metal, or even paper pulp. The restoration process is a water based treatment, and many vintage buttons react adversely to water and restoration chemicals. After inspecting your gown, we will consult with you if we have recommendations for your specific buttons. There may be additional fees for your vintage button care with Heritage Select™ orders. All embellishments, including vintage button care are included in our Heritage Couture™ package.

Customers may choose to upgrade to Heritage Couture service after gown is inspected.   If in doubt about your gown, call us at 866-268-4696 or send an email with photo of gown to gowncare@heritagegown.com

Expert Repairs

Heritage Couture™ package includes up to two hours of repairs performed by our expert technicians.  Heritage Select™ package includes minor repairs (small tears, tighten loose beads, etc.) Additional repairs are available for both packages.

Cocktail Gown Cleaning
Veil Cleaning or Restoration

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 9 cm
Gown Age

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