How To Get In Shape

How to get in shape - after your wedding
Are you finding less motivation to lose weight now that your wedding is over.? It took weeks of careful dieting and dedicating workouts to get in shape for your wedding day. Then the honeymoon…no more skipping meals there. It was time to enjoy life and dessert! But when you stepped on the scales after you got home reality set in. If you don’t do something quickly all the pounds you lost will be back on before a month goes by. Your new quest is learning how to get in shape for good…

Tips on How To Get In Shape

Before your wedding, you had a definite goal to work for.  What you have lost is your motivation for eating right and exercising regularly. Getting into your wedding dress and looking fabulous on your big day was great motivation. So one of the keys in learning how to make a more permanent life style is finding motivation to lose weight permanently.

Motivation to Lose Weight

pending time together while eating right is a great way to lose some pounds.

pending time together while eating right is a great way to lose some pounds.

There are plenty of great reasons to get in shape – things like good health, feeling better, more energy, etc. But often these are not enough to get us to skip our favorite cookies… The truth is you may need to get creative to find the motivation to lose weight and keep it off for good. Financial motivation is how models stay in shape. But what motivation works for you? Brainstorm with your spouse or friends and come up with one that really will motivate you. Here are some ideas…

  1. Buy a new outfit every month you stay your wedding size (cheaper than many weight loss programs)
  2. Find an accountability partner – someone who also wants motivation to lose weight. Call each other once a week to report weight gains (or losses) or success.
  3. Keep a food and exercise journal. Write down each day everything that you eat on one page and your workout times on another page. There is something very motivating about writing things down that make you think twice before you each that piece of cake. Just knowing you have to write down “piece of cake” in your journal will get you to think twice.
  4. Use affirmations. They work! Write down several positive statements about your new healthy body and size and then repeat them to yourself every morning and every time you are tempted. Phrases such as “I am healthy and always eat fruits and vegetables” or “I am strong and work out three times a week” and “I do not put junk into my body” and “I love being in shape.”
  5. More energy and stamina are often great motivation. Write in your food and exercise journal your energy level for the day next to your food list. Compare the numbers. When you eat well you will feel better as well. Seeing those numbers will help you with your goal of getting in shape.
  6. Plan a cheating day. Missing food you love can make you feel deprived. Plan a day once a week that you can legally eat anything you want. Indulge yourself just for that day. The rest of the week will be easier if you know your indulgence day is coming.
  7. Donate your “fat clothes” and buy a wardrobe that fits your trimmed down bridal body. If your jeans are too tight it is better to lose those 5 pounds than to buy bigger jeans. Saving money can be a great motivation to lose weight.
  8. Keep your marriage healthier. Do it for your spouse. You will keep your marriage healthier and happier if you look and feel your best.
Find new motivation to lose weight - how to get in shape after wedding

Find new motivation to lose weight – how to get in shape after wedding

Daily Motivation to Lose Weight

After saying “I Do” most people do let down their guard and gain weight. But you can make the choice to say “I don’t” to weight gain. The years will fly by. The habits you develop now will bless you, your spouse and your future children. Right now is the time to set goals that will benefit your entire future family. Keep the goal of getting in shape and staying in shape at the top of your priority list throughout your many life changes.