Changing Your Name After Marriage

Changing your name after marriage can be a very tedious process and requires a lot of waiting.

Changing your name after marriage can be a very tedious process and requires a lot of waiting.

Changing your name after marriage is one way in which brides show their devotion to their new husbands. It is also a very tedious process. From updating social security cards and drivers licences to notifying banks, doctors, and insurance companies, brides spend at least 10 hours traveling and  filling out various marriage name change forms, many of which ask for the exact same information.

How To Change Your Name After Marriage

Before you can fill out any paperwork, you must have a certified copy of your marriage license. Usually you will be provided with a marriage license at the wedding venue, but that does not mean that it is certified. To get that, you must get a hold of the county clerk’s office where the license was filed. Expect to wait for a few weeks if it is going to be delivered by mail. Depending on the state, there is often a fee. The next step for changing your name after marriage is changing your social security card. The number stays the same, but the name changes. Next, you must go to the DMV and get a new license. Make sure you have already received your new social security card or they will not allow you to change it.

The next step to make a name change due to marriage is by changing bank accounts. Whether you have a joint account or not, this allows you to have checks and cards with your updated name. Just be warned: you may get fees for requesting a new debit card. Finally you need notify various institutions such as your employer, the post office, your landlord, and voter registration offices.

Changing Your Name After Marriage – The Easy Way

Making a last name change after marriage does not have to be a nightmare. Companies, such as Miss Now Mrs, have cut down the hours and stress of name changing into only a few hours. First, brides fill out a questionnaire. Depending on the answers, the system will ask other questions based on requirements of your specific state. Instead of manually filling in forms and writing letters, the answers from the previous section are used to complete appropriate forms and letters. You are able to preview and edit these forms throughout the process. Instructions sheets with information regarding fees, office locations, and tips can be printed along with the forms. Brides can also request their certified marriage license through the website.

The service works in all 50 states and brides have six months to complete all of the forms. You may be hesitant to share personal information, such as social security numbers online. But using Secure Socket Layer technology to encrypt data, Miss Now Mrs has passed rigorous security testing and is continually being monitored. The website has a VeriSign seal, which is the same seal that 93% of Fortune 500 companies use. Essentially, it is a safe and easy way to get a name change after marriage.

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