How to Eat Healthy

Start eating healthy - Fill your diet with lots of color and nutrients.

Filling your diet with lots of color and nutrients will lead to better overall health.

You may be experiencing it. You might be fearing it. You have definitely heard of it: post wedding weight gain. Scientists believe there are a number of reasons that contribute to it, including excitement over trying out new cooking appliances, to spending more time on the couch. Whatever the reason, there are steps to start eating healthy that surprisingly do not require a ton of sacrifice. Learning how to start eating healthy will help you and your husband get in the habit of ensuring quality calories.

Six Tips on How to Start Eating Healthy

There are many steps to start eating healthy, but one of the most important ones (if it is not too late) is to not diet before your wedding. Yes, of course you want to look perfect in your dress, but if you are making dramatic changes in your diet before the wedding, and plan to quit after the wedding, weight gain will naturally just happen. Eating healthy is all about finding healthy recipes and making long lasting habits.

1. Think variety. Counting calories is not as important as having quality, varied food. Try to eat different colored food. And realize that 300 calories from a cookie is very different from 300 calories from fruit. Nutrients make all the difference to your overall, lifetime health.

2. Changing your diet overnight is never a good idea; Take a week to track everything you eat or drink. You may have no idea what your habits currently are, and having something to compare new habits will allow you to track your progress. Making small steps, like substituting a sandwich with a salad, will not only help your body physically, but will also help you feel truly empowered.

3. Think long term It may be easy to give up sugar…for awhile. Unless you truly do not like sugar or foods with high fat, you will eventually start eating these foods, which will likely cause you to feel like a failure. Slowly just start reducing how much of the junk food you eat. And give fruit a try when you start craving candy. It can taste great while still providing actual nutrients.

Drinking water is one of the most healthy habits a couple can have.

Drinking water is one of the most healthy habits a couple can have.

4. Do not underestimate water. People often mistake thirst for hunger and will overeat. Water is key for flushing out waste products and toxins. If you are only drinking three cups a day, try drinking four for the next week. And whatever you do, do not drink your calories! Eating an actual apple is better than drinking apple juice since it has more nutrients and is more filling.

5. Portion size is important. Sometimes we just need to SEE that we are full. Start by using smaller plates and serve smaller portions. Often husbands need more calories than wives, so if you are dishing everything up, give yourself a little less.

6.Timing is everything. The old saying is true: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But this colloquialism is imcomplete. Planning on many small healthy meals throughout the day helps keep energy up. You may be tempted to just wait out the hunger until dinner time, but that will more likely lead to overeating later. And avoid eating at night! This means you need to avoid TV snacking. Giving your body a break when you are least active is a great healthy choice!

A Final Thought on How to Eat Healthy

You may have just missed National Start Eating Healthy Day, but that does not mean that it is to late to learn how to start eating healthy. Recognize that it will not happen night, but will take time and slow change that can make a huge difference throughout your life time.
Eating healthy - replace junk food with real vegetables and fruit.

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