DIY Home Decor

If you are like most newlyweds, making your home perfect and finding great decorating ideas is one of your biggest priorities. After all, a home can say a lot about your family and your interests. In a Pinterest-obsessed world, it is understandable you may be afraid of making a mistake with your DIY home decor. Luckily, many designers agree that there are a few fool-proof tips that can give you the confidence to stop fretting, and start feeling comfortable with your home decorating ideas!

DIY-home decor can be easy and fun when you do it with your family

DIY-home decor can be easy and fun when you do it with your family

Five Tips for Great DIY Home Decor

  1. Many of the best DIY home decorating ideas begin with what you already have. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if their furniture is light colored, then there is no way to make a room have a “darker feel.” This simply is not the case. If you have a beautiful piece of furniture that may not seem to fit with your plan, don’t throw it out! Instead, find accent pieces that have shades you would like and incorporate them with your furniture pieces. Painting the walls a different color can also help get the feel you would like, without changing the furniture. Also, you may be tempted to start decorating as soon as you move in, but often it takes a few months to know how different parts of your house will function within your life. So don’t go out and buy everything at once.
  2. Avoid matching everything. This may seem to go against everything you remember about your pink and white polka dot bedroom when growing up, but some of the most beautiful rooms have a variety of colors, decorations and textures. For example, start with a solid white piece as a basis for the room and the choose a color for a larger piece and then get a smaller piece with the same color. Do it again, but this time use complimentary patterns.Also, think of the room as having different layers. Some of the best decorating ideas begin by finding decoration pieces that compliment each other to use in various parts of a room. For instance: floor, lower wall, mid wall, and top of the wall. One easy way to do this is to put something on top of a coffee table and something that coordinates beneath the table.
  3. Spray painting an old piece of furniture can add the perfect touch to your DIY decor.

    Decorating Ideas – Choose a complimentary color to spray on a piece of old furniture to update your DIY home decor.

  4. And speaking of coffee tables, be creative and bring variety to the table decor! Try an interesting formula like books and/or natural materials like pine cones. Or try candles in a unique container! And remember that opposites attract, your table may be antique, but placing some modern art books on it could be the perfect contrast for your DIY home decor.
  5. Remember that a great room has a purpose. Have you ever entered a room and just felt that things were put in there because they just had to go somewhere? That is not a sign of a purposeful room. Before you decorate, think about what the room will be used for. A living room, for example, is used for living, but what specifically? Reading? Getting some space from your kids? Entertaining guests? Once you know, it will be a lot easier to determine living room decorating ideas and any DIY home decor projects for that room. One of the best ways to make the room purposeful, is by having a single focus point. The purpose should be shown in a piece of furniture, a painting, or a design. Everything else can compliment that single point.
  6. PaintingProductImage

    A great art piece such as this awesome painting from will give you a starting place for your DIY home decor

  7. Most people over think DIY home decor when really they should just trust their eyes. One of the most popular DIY Home Decor Blog writers explains that she judges her home’s rooms by walking by and doing a double take. She notices if she has a “meh” response or a peaceful feeling. She also explains that simply developing an eye for mixing patterns will make you feel confident in coming up with your own home decorating ideas.

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