Winner of $100 Gift Card in Facebook Photo Drawing

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Winner of $100 Gift Card in Facebook Photo Drawing

Announcing the winner of our Facebook Drawing

This morning we drew Colleen Hughes entry out of our fishbowl for a $100 gift card to Target. Colleen picked up her wedding gown on Aug 11th and we snapped a photo of her to add to our facebook page.  Colleen brought us her wedding gown to restore.  It was over 60 years old,  yellowed and had oxidized stains.

Colleen’s gown was carefully cleaned and whitened and  the oxidized spots removed.  After restoration, her dress was beautiful again.  It’s now carefully preserved in an acid-free, 100% cotton preservation bag.

Colleen’s children and grand children will enjoy this beautiful heirloom for years to come.  And Colleen herself will more easily reminisce about her  wedding day knowing that her dress is beautiful again.

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