Why You Shouldn’t Seal a Wedding Gown

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Why You Shouldn’t Seal a Wedding Gown

Wow, a gown arrived yesterday with profound proof that you should never seal a wedding gown. This dress was sent to us from Ann Gutierrez. It has been “safely” in storage for many years with box wedding dress preservation.  Now Ann is hoping her daughter will be able to wear the gown, but when she opened her preservation box, what a surprise! Terrible oxidized stains throughout the gown, the underarms are very yellow, and the area right in front, underneath the plastic window is yellowed.

How can this be possible?  First of all, on testing the box we discovered it was not acid-free (an essential for preservation).  Most likely it received wedding dress cleaning (probably dry cleaning) before storage, and it may have looked great at the time, but dry-cleaning does not remove water based substances such as champagne, clear soda, or even perspiration.   So over time, these substances still on the gown have oxidized into very bad stains.

If the gown had not been sealed, Ann could have inspected it periodically and discovered these stains sooner.  We will give this gown a good wedding dress restoration which will remove the oxidized stains followed by museum quality wedding dress preservation to protect it for the future.

GutierrezBox GutierrezFront
Preservation box was sealed Wedding gown has yellowed under plastic window
GutierrezHem GutierrezUnderarm
Oxidized Hemline stains Oxidized Underarm stains

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  1. Just read why you shouldn’t seal a Wedding Gown…I’m online searching ways to clean my wedding gown that my Mother made so my daughter can now wear it. After digging it out of my Mother’s closet (where it’s been for 28 yrs) I realized it was never cleaned or preserved. Not sure who to trust with it, I’m open to any suggestions.

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