After Being Worn Twice, This Wedding Dress Needed TLC

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After Being Worn Twice, This Wedding Dress Needed TLC

The Wedding Dress is Worn Twice

Claire was lucky enough to be able to get her wedding dress cleaned and boxed. Five years later she let her sister wear it but The 1984 House of Bianchi wedding dress was ruined when somebody tried to fix the sequins and pearl trim. Claire wanted to make sure we could and would take care of the wedding dress.

We were able to get the yellow out of the whole dress.

We were able to get the yellow out of the whole dress.

A Wedding Dress Preservation Made Perfect

With lace and bead work on the bodice, sleeves, and hemlines and 3-D flowers on the neckline, the dress is lovely. The veil also has lace appliques and pearls.

When we received the wedding dress, the gown had evenly yellowed but the hemline looked especially yellow. Many of the beads had been damaged and the sequins had yellowed. There were also oxidized stains on the skirt.

We started by removing the metal backed buttons. We then removed the 3-D flowers and spot treated the dress. We removed the tulle from the headpiece and soaked the gown and veil in our safe chemicals. Finally, we hand pressed the gown, the tulle for the veil and sewed the buttons back on the dress. We applied the tulle to the head piece then secured the small appliques. We finished by preserving the dress with the Museum Method.

Claire can finally rest easy knowing that her wedding dress has received the proper care it deserves.


The lace is now perfectly clean.

The lace is now perfectly clean.


  1. My daughter just got engaged and for fun we got out my dress. It has been boxed up supposedly preserved since 10/1994 and had not been opened until last night. The gown was in perfect shape except for all the sequins had yellowed. I will say it was evenly distributed. Is there anything that can be done .. the dress actually fit her like a glove.

    • Hi Paige,
      The sequins are made of plastic and unfortunately over time the plastic deteriorates causing the yellow color. Unfortunately, due to it being a plastic material we are unable to reverse the yellowing of sequins. The only way to correct this would be to replace the sequins. I would recommend a local seamstress to replace the sequins. But, if there is any yellowing on the actual dress fabric or if restoration is needed, we are happy to help! Please give us a call if we can be of more assistance at 866-268-4696.


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