Three Beautiful Vintage Gowns Restored

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Three Beautiful Vintage Gowns Restored

We had the opportunity to work on three beautiful vintage dresses, circa 1940 – 1950 recently.  They were all different styles and fabrics and so had three different treatments.

The first vintage wedding dress is a yellowed wedding dress that we did restore (whiten.)  It really looked beautiful after our treatment.

  • The second appears to be a flapper style dress made of silk lace and organza.  It was too fragile for whitening so we did a very careful and thorough cleaning.  Even so, it does look much better after treatment.
  • The last is a made of a synthetic chiffon with beads. This dress has metallic thread embroidery detail around the waist.  It really did not need whitening at all, just careful cleaning. Lovely.


Each dress was carefully preserved in our acid-free/lignin free preservation materials after their treatments.  One in our Heirloom Preservation box and the others with our Museum Method™ (hanging) preservation. They will be enjoyed for many generations to come.

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