Lace Vintage Wedding Gown Restoration a Success

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Lace Vintage Wedding Gown Restoration a Success

Recently we performed a wedding gown restoration and preservation on this vintage gown. It is made of lace and tulle over satin acetate, with a lace bodice and lace appliques on the skirt.It also has pearls on waist and neckline area.

This vintage wedding gown is about 60 years old and desperately needed wedding dress restoration. The wedding dress was yellowed with oxidized stains on several areas. All of the metal snaps and hooks had tarnished and the glossy pearl coating of the pearls was coming off.

Wedding Dress Restoration Treatment

We used a chemical soaking to whiten the wedding gown but utilized a very mild treatment because the lace was very fragile. After wedding dress restoration we hand pressed the wedding gown and preserved it with Museum Method wepreservation.

The results were very good. We were thrilled and our costumer was very happy to have the gown restored to it’s original beauty.


Bodice Before and After wedding gown restoration



  1. My daughter is interested in wearing my Mom’s wedding gown. It is55 years old; and has just been in a garment bag. It is yellowed and stiff. When you do your preservation, is the garment wearable?

  2. Yes, we often restore vintage gowns so that a granddaughter or daughter can wear it for her wedding. Old lace is fragile and can tear during the restoration process, but can also be repaired. Most gowns do very well with our process.

  3. I just found my grandmother’s wedding dress and veil. The dress and lace is yellowed. It is not brittle. The veil isn’t as lucky. Could you provide a cost to restore it? Thank you

    • Of course! Please send us a picture of the gown to and we’ll see what we can do!

  4. my Mother’s dress is from 1955, in the early 60s there was a smoke fire in the chimney. it went to the cleaners but they could not get the discolouring out. it us a ecru colour. My Dad kept it hanging in the closet, besides dust, is there any way to restore as my niece would like to wear. it is all lace. Thank you

    • Hi Valerie,
      I think there is a good chance we can get the discoloring out. Send a photo to so we can see the discoloration and we will let you know. Thanks!

  5. My mother’s wedding dress is about 70yrs old all hand made lace and all now yellow and the zip is a terrible rusty colour any chance to bring it back to life has a train but no veil as it was used to keep the flies off my siblings long ago.

    • Hi Heather,

      We would love to help! Please call us at 866-268-4696 to get a free quote for the restoration of your mother’s 70 year old gown. The Heritage Team restores heirloom garments beautifully. They have great success removing oxidation stains and lifting the yellowing (aging) on garments.
      HGP Team

  6. Hello, I just inherited my Grandmothers 70+ year old wedding gown, it is all white lace with some beading and sequin at the boat neck, feels very fragile, the lace has become a bit stiff and a little yellowish, i desperately want this precious heirloom restored so can shadow box it and save it for my 8 yr old Daughter. Can you help?

    • Hi Raquel,
      Thank you for reaching out to us!! It sounds like you have quite the treasure on your hands. It is very common for gowns with an age of 70+ years to feel stiff, crunchy if you will. We expect there to be discoloration, yellowing and oxidation stains. The main concern at this moment is to prevent the gown from further damage. It will continue to deteriorate if nothing is done. We have an excellent, expert restoration team. We would love the opportunity to rescue this gem!! You can reach out to us at Heritage by calling 866-268-4696. Also, be sure and take a look at the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures on our website. Also, take a gander at the stories we have shared/posted on Facebook and Instagram. The HGP team has done some incredible work and rescued many, many gowns.
      Hope to talk to you soon,
      Suzanne Gatti

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