What is Your Favorite Romantic Movie?

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What is Your Favorite Romantic Movie?

I love to watch a good romantic movie.  They are often called chick flicks, but I don’t know why since my husband usually enjoys a beautiful love story as well. But perhaps we girls like them even more…

Great Favorite Romantic Movie Lists

There are no shortage of  favorite romance movie lists.   There are quite a few sites with a list of best romance movies, here are a few…

50 Latest Romantic Movies of the past decade (2001-2010)

AMC – 50 Most Romantic Movies of All Times (On this one you can vote up or down for your favorite)

25 Best Romantic Movies (with Romantic Movie Clips)

Fun Pinterest Romantic Movies List

Fabulous TimeOut London Romantic Movies List

What is Your Favorite Romantic Movie?

We want to know what your favorite romantic movie is..Write it in on our Romantic Movie Survey. It only takes a second and after you’re finished you will receive a coupon code to save $20 on your wedding gown or other heirloom garment care.

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