Embellished Wedding Gown Restoration

It’s so rewarding to see already-beautiful gowns transform during our cleaning and preservation products. These gowns obviously have special memories to go with them if the owners are taking the time to clean and preserve them for future generations to keep or wear again.

Before Wedding Dress Restoration

This white satin wedding dress with lace and pearl embellishments was in surprisingly good condition considering its age– however the mildly dirty hemline and yellow spots on the front kept it from truly shining the way it used to.

Before wedding dress restorationHemline of before wedding dress restoration

Upon closer inspection to the hem of the dress (above and below), it can be seen how dirty and stained it had become. We needed to spot clean such a delicate gown to remove these stains and restore it to its full glory.

Before wedding gown restoration close up After wedding dress restoration close up

After Wedding Dress Restoration

WOW — Take a moment to appreciate that beautiful, flawlessly white train!

December Wedding Dress Restoration

The gown’s hem no longer holds back the full beauty of this intricate gown as all stains and dirt has been removed (below). The gown shines with more whiteness than ever for future generations to enjoy and cherish!

Front of wedding dress restoration gown


We stand behind our preservation processes. Heritage Essentials™ orders receive a 20 year warranty (wow!). Our Heritage Select™ preservation offers a 30 year warranty (DOUBLE WOW!) against yellowing. Heritage Couture™ preservation offers a lifetime warranty (!!!!!) against yellowing, oxidized spots, etc. We also offer a 30 day satisfaction guaranty as well. If you are not satisfied with our service, you may return your wedding gown to us to be serviced again. We want every customer to be a happy customer.

More Wedding Dress Restoration Stories

Do you have a gown or other important heirloom you’d like restored and preserved? Check out our packages here. Want more before-and-afters? See more transformations here, on our INSTAGRAM, and on our Facebook page!


  1. My mother was a seamstress and made my beautiful wedding gown ,which has a twenty foot zip off train . In 1989 After the October wedding I had it preserved at a place that came highly recommended . My daughter got engaged on December 27 ,2017 , we opened the box of the gown and could see threw the plastic window that it was yellowed ! I went back to the preservation place “Saggets ” in Drexel Hill ,PA. they said they are not responsible ! I said I would have never taken it to your store had I known this would happen ! They said the preservation is not forever guaranteed ! I am looking to seek legal advice ! Mom died 12 years ago ! In Tears !

    • Hi Carol,

      What a horrible experience! We can promise you that our cleaning services and preservation ARE guaranteed — send your dress over to us and we’ll see what we can do!

  2. Wow, what a transformation! Wedding dresses often hold so much delicacy, and have so much sentimental value, its a huge deal to take the utmost care of them! Your talent and methods seem to work wonders! Thanks for sharing this story!

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