A Dress Stained Yellow Transformed

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A Dress Stained Yellow Transformed

When we first saw Deborah’s vintage wedding dress, it was hard to see past the yellow. The lace and silk gown had yellowed evenly all over. We also noticed that the dress would be especially weak due to perspiration damage and there were oxidized stains throughout the dress. We were eager to take this yellow dress and make it white again! We first removed the metal buttons and hand cleaned the gown. We also soaked the gown in our chemicals and cleaned the buttons. We then Re-sewed the buttons and hand pressed the gown. We finished the preservation by giving it the Heritage Couture-Box preservation.

After we were done, we were pleased with how the lace throughout the dress was just as white as the rest of the dress. Now Deborah can continue to cherish this vintage dress, knowing that it is not going to become yellow again.


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