Best Wedding Video

Although having the best wedding video may not be your first priority for your wedding day planning, having a great wedding video  will be a treasure that you and your spouse (and future family) will enjoy for a lifetime. 

Dubbed the Best Wedding Video Ever by the Huffington Post, this video has inspired some couples to plan their entire wedding around a video, encouraging guests and bridal party members to participate in the fun.

Great wedding videos are usually are based on the natural turn of events of the wedding celebration. Videographers will usually add music to various clips from the day and artistically edit the film. No matter your style, finding the right videographer and the best songs is obtainable.

How to Get the Best Wedding Video for your Celebration

Like any service you would like, one of the best ways to find your videographer is through referrals from your married friends. Photographers, caterers, and consultants are also great resources, as they are in the wedding business and have had experiences with many different videographers. Checking directories, local bridal magazines and bridal shows are always a good place to start.

You can screen many of the videographers by viewing samples of their work on their websites.  Make sure you view footage that the actual prospective videographer shot, not films of those who work in the same studio. Pay attention: Is the lighting to dim or too harsh? If so, you can bet that your video will turn out the same way. Is the sound quality clear? Is there a variety of music? Paying attention to the transitions is important, as this can make an OK video into a work of art, or it can destroy a potentially great video.

When you have found a few promising artists, meet these finalists face to face.  Make sure that you like both the videographer’s personality and their work; they will be working closely with you and your guests on the most important day of your life, so they need to be respectful and at ease. But do not be blinded by a great personality. If they do not meet your standards, find somebody else.

Wedding Video Songs

Once you find the videographer you want,  discuss your vision for the film. You may request specific songs, or the videographer can build a list and ask for your approval. To find the best wedding video songs for you, videographers often suggest starting by making radio stations of songs you like on Pandora.  While listening on Pandora for a while, you will hear new songs that are of that same genre but it won’t feel like everyone else is using it in their wedding. By trying new songs, you will likely be able to find the right songs for each part of your day, including a song for the wedding video dance.

Another practical way of finding good songs is by listening to commercials. Surprisingly, commercials, especially car commercials, have really good sound tracks.

Finding the right videographer and the right music can be a difficult process, but it will be worth the trouble. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video of the most important day of your life is worth every second of the process. Most importantly, the best wedding video is one where you and your spouse find the most joy.

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