Sell More With Packages

Increase your revenue as a wedding professional by selling packages to your clients

Increase your revenue as a wedding professional by selling your products and services in packages

Can you really sell more with packages? It does seem that no matter where you go online or to brick and mortar stores, items and services you purchase are often set up in packages. You know the drill…

Good, Better, Best or
Basic, Standard, Elite

Why is selling with packages so common in the business world? Because it works! And it works for so many different businesses, products and services.

Something For Every Buyer

You spend time and money getting a prospective buyer to your website, bridal show booth, or shop. You are more likely to have something to please that buyer and make a sale when you give them choices. By grouping your products and services into packages, you create options for the buyer.

So if you haven’t set your products and services up in packages, read ideas below to get started. If you already have packages for your services, read on to see if you can improve your packages.

Compare Your Competition

You can start by analyzing your competition. What services are they offering, and for how much?
More than likely you will find some low quality and cheaper competition out there. But you are also likely to find very high end and expensive competition as well. How do your services and prices compare?

More sales will improve your bottom line. So consider how you can group your wedding services to appeal to each buyer level. We’ll call them…

“Wal-Mart” Bride

This bride really is just shopping price, but she is also looking for good “value.” You might feel that your quality is above the lowest price level. Nevertheless, try to offer something to the “Wal-Mart” mentality bride. She may be a DIY bride. But she could also be a very careful bride with a reasonable budget. She may be attracted to the lower end price, but might move up to your middle price if she can see that it is a better “value.” But not every bride will move up to the next package, so it is important you make money even at this level. Here are some ideas…

Are you a videographer? What if your “Wal-Mart” service is to rent inexpensive video cameras to the bride and then offer an editing service as part of the “Basic” package? Or your basic package could include just recording the ceremony.

Caterer? Offer to deliver food to the venue and the bride can use friends to serve. Or because meat is more expensive, offer salads and side dishes with delicious breads as your “Wal-Mart” package. Of course Hors d’oeuvres or a Dessert Bar could be considered for a “Lower Price” menu as well.

You get the idea. Be creative!

Typical Bride

Your typical bride has researched and knows how much she needs to spend for your services. So when she lands on your website or stops at your booth, she is looking for quality and value. Make sure your website is exceptional and your prices and quality compare well with your competition. Ideally you should have something in your package your competitors don’t have. Consider offering a bonus for booking on the same day she visits your shop or booth. Sometimes she may just need a little encouragement to make her decision.

Posh Bride

Many brides have money and are willing to spend it

Many brides have money and are willing to spend it. Have a great premium package for them.

Many customers want the best service and are willing to pay for it. Do you have a package for these brides? But even if they have money, they also want value. Make sure your Premium package screams value. If your packages are set up with total hours covered (i.e. photographer), the hourly rate of your premium package should be the very best.

Bonuses always work well with the premium package. People love getting something for free. Throw in something special with a high perceived value. Again, see what your competition is offering. Ideas…

Videographer – How about two cameras so that you capture both bride and groom’s facial expressions? Or your premium service could include a “Same Day” service with a clip ready for the wedding reception later that day. You could even offer to show the clip with your own screen and projector at the reception (that’s added value, one less thing for the bride to plan and pay for.)

Caterer – Ahh, it is easy to have premium service for food. Steak and lobster, Chocolate mousse, white glove service. Throw in the cake cutting service, or even the wedding cake itself. But just like the “Basic” service, make sure you are making money on your premium package.

Get Creative With Packages

Compare your competition, and then get creative. Make sure there is no reason that a prospective bride needs to visit your competition to find what she needs. You can sell more with packages…