25 Great Blog Ideas

Get some great blog ideas from our listAre you looking for some great blog ideas? Don’t sweat it. Just read our “25 Great Blog Ideas” and you should be able to come up with some interesting blog topics.

Find Some Great Blog Topics

  1. Create a “Top 10” List of…(your subject)
  2. Answer frequently asked questions
  3. Teach people how to do something
  4. Share data you’ve discovered
  5. Give a preview from a chapter in a book or ebook
  6. Put your own industry spin on the latest national or international news
  7. If you offer a service, show “Before” and “After” photos of what you do.
  8. Turn photographs into slideshows
  9. Write a sequel to a past blog
  10. Create “how to” videos
  11. Invite guest bloggers to write for you
  12. Try hubspots blog topic generator
  13. Read blog posts in your industry and give your opinion on popular topics
  14. Fix problems – write about answers to problems and challenges your ideal customer faces
  15. Do and interview with someone in your industry
  16. Invite someone who disagrees with you to debate a subject. Post the question and then both sides of the argument. Everyone love conflict.
  17. Talk about mistakes and what you learned from them.
  18. Ask a question and encourage readers to share their opinion
  19. Hold a contest. Promise a prize for the best answer, photo, etc.
  20. Do a book review of a popular or new book in your industry
  21. Check your Google analytics for the most popular keyword phrases that bring people to your site. Pick one for your blog topic.
  22. Blog about problems – Ask friends what their greatest current challenge is and what could be done to fix them
  23. Post a keyword into semrush.com and get a list of keyword phrases related to that keyword. Select one for a post
  24. Use a web conferencing website to create a “how to” screenshare video, then upload to Youtube. Write the dialog as your blog post with the embedded youtube video in the post.
  25. Brainstorm! Give yourself 20 minutes to come up with 20 blog topics