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Great Job

Great Job! I don't know how you
did it but it's truly a magical thing.
The dress came out beautifully!


I couldn't be more pleased with how easy and convenient this service was, and more importantly -what a fantastic job they did. I got married during medical school, so was extremely busy in the years following our wedding. I waited over 3 years before I finally got around to having my gown preserved. There were armpit stains, holes from where my bustle ripped, etc. My gown looked pristine when it was sent back to me. I will say, it did take over a month to be preserved, but to me that meant they were taking extra care with my gown (and all the other gowns!) so this didn't bother me one bit. Highly recommend. I am extremely pleased.

Wedding dress cleaning and preservation

We did a lot of research before deciding to send my daughter's wedding dress to Heritage. We are so glad we chose them. The price seemed a little high but but well worth it. Her wedding and reception were held outdoors and she ended up taking her heels off. Not only was her gown filthy, the lace was torn around the hemline. The dress was cleaned and the lace was repaired and looks brand new. Customer service was great. We are beyond pleased with the cleaning, repairs and the packaging. We would give 6 stars if we could.

by Knottie36716538 on Heritage Garment Preservation
Money well spent! You won't be disappointed

After doing research on wedding dress cleaning and preservation, I was disappointed that most services seal the dress up in a box and plastic which can't be inspected afterwards to make sure the stains have actually been removed. And if you open the box to inspect it, the "lifetime warranty" is void.

Heritage not only got the dress clean and spotless, but the repair to the lace organza was well done. The dress came preserved on a hanging bust that keeps the dress shape. It comes in a cotton breathable storage bag with gloves so you can inspect the dress. The storage bag is even labeled with the name of the bride and groom and where the dress was worn. Overall, very pleased!

by Knottie45088209 on Heritage Garment Preservation
Wedding gown preservation

We are so very happy that we ultimately decided to take our daughter wedding gown to Heritage Garment Preservation. After researching for the best and most cost effective way to clean and store her beautiful gown we opted for H.G.P. and it was an awesome experience from start to finish. The gown got really dirty and they cleaned each piece by hand since the material was so delicate. It came back to us looking brand new - what a great way to store it for the future.
We highly recommend this business to any of those brides that would like to treasure their dress into the future. Kathy and Carmina and their staff are awesome.

by Knottie1426451843 on Heritage Garment Preservation
Heritage Garment Preservation

They did an excellent job of cleaning the gown (it was pretty dirty with grass stains due to an outdoor reception) and the gown was returned in a beautiful personalized acid-free garment bag.

Heritage Gave Me Peace of Mind

I really appreciate all the service you have provided. We currently live outside of the U.S and I could not find any cleaning service that specializes in wedding gowns and that I could trust and have confidence in. After having been frustrated for nearly a year after the wedding, I finally decided to send my dress back to the US to my sister and ask her to keep it until we go back. I was so happy that I found Heritage for my dress and with all the positive reviews and your Youtube channel that explains all the process and details of your service, I was finally able to rest assured that my dress would be taken a great care of, even though I could not see the dress with my own eyes. And thanks to the 3 month payment option, I was able to do it without hurting our finance too much -- I think it's a great option for many brides with limited budget.

by Knottie43180941 on Heritage Garment Preservation
Highly Recommend

My daughter and I were delighted to receive her wedding gown, clean and preserved, in its own muslin garment bag that easily fits back into her closet. In addition to a quality finished product, Heritage provided timely communication at a price that is 25% below the most recommended dry cleaners in our area. I highly recommend Heritage Garment Preservation.

by Knottie18434849 on Heritage Garment Preservation
Dress Preservation

I spent a lot of time researching dress preservation options. I liked the company that was recommended by my dress shop, but they were really expensive and didn't provide options for me in terms of what I wanted/did not want done. Heritage's website was one of the most helpful to me in researching my options, and they provided a lower cost option for simply cleaning and preserving my dress. We figured that if anyone else is going to wear my dress in the future, they will need alterations and repairs anyway, so we didn't want to spend an extra $400-500 on that at this point. I really appreciate that they hand-clean the dresses- my dress is blush pink, and I didn't want it cleaned en masse with a ton of other dresses and getting discolored. Also, Heritage was the only company that I could find that had a hanging option, which I really prefer over some huge box (and over it being sealed up for the rest of my life). I love that I can look at and try on my dress at any time. Overall, I'm very happy with Heritage and would definitely recommend it to other brides!

Great customer service

The customer service is extremely personal, detailed, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were very patient even it took me so long to actually send my dress.

I got the museum method preservation, and my dress has a lot of beadwork on an organza overlay. The organza pickups on the front had ripped in some places, and the buttons needed replacing. They did a great job on all of the repairs ($70, which is very reasonable) as well as the cleaning (the hem was dirty from scraping the ground on a rainy day). I don't say this lightly as I am a seamstress myself (I sewed all 6 silk dresses for my bridesmaids, and have done numerous alterations for years).

I would definitely recommend them!

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