Wedding Dress Preservation Reviews

Heritage Gave Me Peace of Mind

Sep 15, 2015 by Boram

I really appreciate all the service you have provided. We currently live outside of the U.S and I could not find any cleaning service that specializes in wedding gowns and that I could trust and have confidence in. After having been frustrated for nearly a year after the wedding, I finally decided to send my dress back to the US to my sister and ask her to keep it until we go back. I was so happy that I found Heritage for my dress and with all the positive reviews and your Youtube channel that explains all the process and details of your service, I was finally able to rest assured that my dress would be taken a great care of, even though I could not see the dress with my own eyes. And thanks to the 3 month payment option, I was able to do it without hurting our finance too much -- I think it's a great option for many brides with limited budget.

Highly Recommend

Sep 06, 2015 by Knottie43180941

My daughter and I were delighted to receive her wedding gown, clean and preserved, in its own muslin garment bag that easily fits back into her closet. In addition to a quality finished product, Heritage provided timely communication at a price that is 25% below the most recommended dry cleaners in our area. I highly recommend Heritage Garment Preservation.

Dress Preservation

Sep 06, 2015 by Knottie18434849

I spent a lot of time researching dress preservation options. I liked the company that was recommended by my dress shop, but they were really expensive and didn't provide options for me in terms of what I wanted/did not want done. Heritage's website was one of the most helpful to me in researching my options, and they provided a lower cost option for simply cleaning and preserving my dress. We figured that if anyone else is going to wear my dress in the future, they will need alterations and repairs anyway, so we didn't want to spend an extra $400-500 on that at this point. I really appreciate that they hand-clean the dresses- my dress is blush pink, and I didn't want it cleaned en masse with a ton of other dresses and getting discolored. Also, Heritage was the only company that I could find that had a hanging option, which I really prefer over some huge box (and over it being sealed up for the rest of my life). I love that I can look at and try on my dress at any time. Overall, I'm very happy with Heritage and would definitely recommend it to other brides!

Great customer service

Sep 04, 2015 by Pianist11000

The customer service is extremely personal, detailed, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were very patient even it took me so long to actually send my dress.

I got the museum method preservation, and my dress has a lot of beadwork on an organza overlay. The organza pickups on the front had ripped in some places, and the buttons needed replacing. They did a great job on all of the repairs ($70, which is very reasonable) as well as the cleaning (the hem was dirty from scraping the ground on a rainy day). I don't say this lightly as I am a seamstress myself (I sewed all 6 silk dresses for my bridesmaids, and have done numerous alterations for years).

I would definitely recommend them!

Amazing service and results!

Aug 26, 2015 by Joan H

My daughter's gown is a very delicate Pnina Tornai gown that is covered in beautiful crystals. The hemline of the gown became very dirty at the reception and we were so concerned that the dress would never be restored to its original condition. Heritage cleaned the gown and it arrived packed and cleaned and perfect! In fact, I received three phone calls to discuss their progress and listen to their thoughts on whether to box or hang the gown. The customer service was flawless and the gown, stored away in museum quality archival muslin and tissue for future generations, is preserved. I recommend this company without reservation.

So Easy to Work With!

Aug 26, 2015 by rdmccart

Heritage was great. I have no complaints. The process was easy and quick. They gave excellent instructions on how to order, how to package your gown, and how to ship it. They send periodic updates each time the dress is in a new process. I even messed up on the ordering process and forgot to add extra shipping insurance but they took care of it easily over email with an actual person (not just an automated system). I used the hanging method and I'm really happy with the outcome. Although it isn't cheap, I would recommend this company if you want it done right and you want to make it easy on yourself.

Looks absolutely brand new!!

Aug 13, 2015 by Knottie03128358

My daughter's wedding was outdoors and her dress was covered with dirt on the bottom when the night was over. I mean covered with dirt!! Heritage sent her dress back looking like it was brand new. I couldn't believe it! They even mended the lace that had a tear. It seems like a lot of money, but I don't think anyone could have gotten her dress to look brand new again. I am extremely impressed.

Its Worth It

Jul 31, 2015 by Desirae

After much research and even more hesitation, I boxed up my wedding gown and shipped it off to Heritage Garment Preservation. They made the process easy and even offered a three-month payment arrangement for their services. I just received my dress back in the mail a few days ago. Lovely, just lovely. My dress looks amazing. Believe me when I say you should put your trust in this company, they know what they're doing when it comes to your most prized (garment) possession.

Ourdoor Wedding Destroyed Dress

Jul 31, 2015 by Linda M.

I want you to know that I received my daughter's dress today and I can't believe how good it looks. It was such a mess and it looks completely brand new. Thank you so much.

Phenomenal Customer Service

Jul 27, 2015 by Susan

I called Heritage Garment Preservation after contacting numerous companies in San Francisco and Marin about preserving my daughter's dress eight years after her wedding. I was thoroughly impressed with the time that one of the owners spent with me on the telephone and decided I would make the one hour drive to their shop.
Every detail of the procedure was carefully described to me and I felt confident leaving the dress. I got an email every time they got to the next step in the process. I appreciated the time that was taken to keep me up to date.
I knew there would be additional charges because there was some mold on the underside, as well as a few holes in the tule which needed to be repaired. The wedding was outdoors and the dress did get dirty. I felt they did a beautiful job fixing these issues. I also felt they were not trying to overcharge me.
Heritge Garment Preservation takes a great deal of pride in their work and it shows! I just picked up the dress and cannot wait for my daughter to see what an incredible job that was done. The dress is so clean and looks brand new! It is on a hanger and covered well. It comes with white cotton gloves so that when we open the covering we won't hurt the dress in any way.
I highly recommend this company. You won't be disappointed.

Something Old, Something New

Jul 17, 2015 by Gabi

I received my dress on Wednesday and tried it on as soon as I got home. I absolutely love it! You really did a wonderful job on the alteration and cleaning. I can't thank you enough and I know my mother is going to be thrilled when she sees it all fixed up!

Thanks again,


Jun 25, 2015 by Mia

I was incredibly happy with Heritage Garment Preservation, the dress looks as good as new! I chose the slim fit Museum Method and added in the shipping kit and custom label- a pricey choice but well worth it. The custom label was adorable and added a nice touch, although the shipping kit needed a bit of assistance from FedEx as the tape that was sent was not enough to properly secure the box for cross-country shipping. As for the team working at Heritage, they were fantastic. I appreciated the constant update on what stage the preservation process is in as well as personal e-mails with any clarifying queries from the Heritage team. Everyone I spoke to was friendly and the entire service was much quicker than anticipated. Thank you Heritage!

Thank you again for your wonderful service- will highly recommend your services to all of my future bride friends!

Kind regards,

Vintage Gown Restored to Perfection

Jun 22, 2015 by Mandy E.

Heritage did a beautiful job restoring and altering my mother's gown from the 1950's for my daughter-in-law to wear. It was a pleasure doing business with Heritage Garment Preservation and I would highly recommend their services.

Very Satisfied

Jun 09, 2015 by Sean

My wife and I were married in 2006 and after the wedding the gown languished in a cardboard box that eventually found its way to our detached garage/shop where it sat. A few weeks ago my wife pulled it out and was dismayed that not only was it still dirty (as expected) and moldy, animals had gotten into the box and chewed a hole. She wrote off the gown in her mind at that point lamenting that "the gown cost less than it would take to repair" Well I knew her birthday was a month away. I got her parents and my parents and my brother (who was best man) to pool funds and send the gown to Heritage. Needless to say they did an absolutely phenomenal job both mending the hole and removing every hint of stain and soil. They kept me up to date with every step of the preservation via email and once the gown was returned to us, my wife burst into tears with joy at seeing how perfect her gown had been restored. I have to thank Carmina at Heritage and my mother Sue for finding this business for me to solicit the repair and preservation. 4 stars here. Can't recommend enough. It's a tad pricey but you get every dollars worth. Thank you!!!

Preserving the Dress

Jun 05, 2015 by Knottie13723400

We chose Heritage because they do museum style dress preservation. Our dress has been used for two generations of weddings (mother & daughter). Now that the dress is preserved in a museum style bag on a hanger, the grandchildren can 'visit' the dress, and it won't get wrinkly, like when it was preserved in a box after the first wedding.
Heritage was fast, with great communication, and very personalized. Thanks!

Mother's Dress

Jun 05, 2015 by Patti

My daughter wanted to wear my wedding dress---I took it to Heritage Garments to see if that was possible---the dress was 37 years old and had been in a box for those years. They not only restored it to its original color---but because the dress didn't quite fit my daughter in the back--they altered it---they took out the zipper and added criss cross ties---it was beautiful---in fact the dress looked better than when I wore it. We had many compliments on the dress by the wedding guests especially when they found out it was my dress. I would highly recommend this business to anyone---they do beautiful work!!!!!!

Looks Like New Now

May 04, 2015 by Joelle

Heritage did a fast, beautiful restoration on my
mother's 1963 satin wedding gown. It had received water
damage in a flood and had molding and yellowing throughout.
It looks like new now! Thank you!

Beautiful work! Wonderful Experience!

Apr 30, 2015 by Suzanne

My wedding gown is perfect thanks to Heritage. I fell in love with my mother's wedding dress, I loved the lace, detailed bead work, and most importantly the long train. There was one problem with the dress, after 30 years it was ivory instead of its original white. After our first phone conversation I was confident heritage would be able to restore my gown, I learned from their perspective a 30 year old gown is a relatively new one. Wow! I was not disappointed. My dress was restored to its original white, and I saved thousands by not purchasing a new dress that would be similar but not quite as beautiful...or sentimental. And they expedited my order due to my tight deadline. I only had two months to prepare for my wedding and if everyone was as quick as Heritage I would've only needed two weeks. I'm impressed, I love my dress, and I can't wait to hear all the compliments. Thank you!

Excellent Process

Apr 30, 2015 by Joan

Your process is excellent. The communication was very helpful. The dress packing addresses every detail. We were so impressed.

Vintage Gown Restored

Apr 29, 2015 by Knottie48315830

I sent a 67 year old wedding gown, dusty, yellowed and with fabric holes from disintegration, for restoration. Truthfully, I was not hoping for much. The gown had been originally worn by my mother, then I had worn it 26 years later and hung it in a closet with no more than a cleaning, thinking my daughter might wear it someday. Alas, no daughters were born to me, but I do have a 7 year old granddaughter who might choose one day to wear this gown, because the option has been preserved. Thank you, Heritage, for your many suggestions for repair and restoration. I am amazed that such restoration is even possible.

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Superior Cleaning Job

I received my niece’s wedding gown. Thank you very much you have done superior job cleaning it. I am impressed how you got the satin covered buttons to look like new. I saw how dirty 3 or 4 at the end of the train were, so thanks a million.

Aura M. Mark Sept. 3, 2014

My gown looks perfectly beautiful!

My wedding gown, veil and headpiece, arrived today. It was exciting when we opened the bag. =) My gown looks perfectly beautiful! I thank Heritage and everyone who worked on it. Your professionalism, kindness, and gentle care of my gown are so appreciated. I did, and will, follow your instructions for storage and viewing (with gloves!). The ladies in our family will be very impressed! If the occasion arises, I will most certainly recommend your company. Thank you again.

June Wood August 26, 2014

My gown and veil both look like new…

I’m so glad I found this company — they convinced me of the importance of properly cleaning my wedding gown and then they did a standup job delivering on their promise! I was hesitant at first to spend so much money (after all those wedding expenses!), but I realized I had spent so much on this beautiful dress that was very sentimental and special to me, and cleaning and preserving it was an investment to insure that it lasted for years to come. I felt 100% comfortable and confident while my dress was in Heritage’s care, and the final product is stunning. My gown and veil both look like new and are beautifully presented in a hanging bag — ready to be warn again in our family! I’m grateful to Heritage for the information on their web site about why and how to have your gown cleaned, and even more so for their excellence and professionalism. Thank you!

Caroline Aug. 19, 2014

Very pleased…

I found Heritage just by doing a google search. I was very pleased from the first call to our last email. Very personalized service. They did a wonderful job on my daughter’s gown. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Patti Aug 12, 2014

Looks more beautiful than it did on my wedding day!

Heritage did a great job cleaning, repairing and preserving my delicate, beaded lace wedding gown. I had danced the night away at my wedding and the train of my gown was FILTHY and damaged in spots. Heritage cleaned and repaired my gown so well, I swear it looks more beautiful than it did on my wedding day! I was nervous about shipping my gown all the way to CA from NY, but Heritage was very communicative and kept in touch throughout the process. I was so pleased to receive my gown packaged carefully along with cotton gloves and instructions on how to inspect and care for my gown for years to come. I highly recommend Heritage for gown cleaning and preservation!!

Anonymous July 22, 2014

I loved working with Heritage

I loved working with Heritage Garment Preservation. Everyone was very friendly and timely in their responses to my inquiries. I appreciate the hard work you did in restoring my gown. Thank you!!

Kelly A. June 23, 2014

Wow, wow, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Christening gown set arrived back in NH today and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with your efforts – it is restored to its full glory and I am delighted that my new granddaughter (born 5/30) will be wearing this next month…and then by a niece’s baby due in August.

I can’t thank you enough…and I can’t be grateful enough that a random internet search led me to you.

This gown set, worn first in 1949 and by two generations of my family, is just so special to me and now, thanks to you, can be special for this third generation…and who knows how many more.

I will certainly be in touch when it needs to be cleaned/preserved…


Nancy June 6, 2014

They are meticulous…

My Mom found Heritage Garment Preservation and decided to use them even though they are all the way on the other side of the country…they are amazing. My dress arrived very quickly and it looks fabulous! They are meticulous as to how to best preserve and handle the dress and have included a wide variety of personal and detailed touches. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Anonymous – May 29, 2014

So Glad I Found Your Company

I was very pleased with the preservation of my daughters’ wedding dress preservation. The company was very responsive and professional with my numerous Email questions and phone calls. I love the cloth garment bag the dress was returned in. I especially love the back pocket that includes the plastic folder holding the instructional information for the future handling of the dress. The recommendation for the wedding story to add to the plastic folder was a wonderful touch.

I have two more daughters’ with weddings coming up and I will not hesitate to use your services again. I am so glad I found your company!

Mary C. – May 6, 2014

I Cannot Praise Them Enough

After investing months of energy and heart making my daughter’s 100% silk duchess satin wedding gown, I made a naive and grievous mistake in trusting our local dry-cleaner to clean the gown which had a great deal of dirt at the hemline. I cannot describe the actual anguish I felt when the dress was returned to me looking like it was 200 years old. The dry cleaner swore that is what happens to all silk gowns when they are dry cleaned. Fortunately, the grief I felt was strong enough to cause me to look for an impossible solution. I found it with Heritage Garment Preservation. Although their analysis of the damage done to the gown proved the local work only unprofessional and ignorant, it was almost permanent. Nonetheless, Carmina outlined a plan to neutralize the residue of solvent left by the previous cleaner and to add sizing/softener and silk oil to minimize the chaffing caused by the solvent. It was an impossible task, but I just received the return shipment of the gown. I can say that I am no longer pained by the appearance of the gown. The touch, the texture, the weight, all is so improved from the original damage. I cannot praise the work of the women at Heritage Garment Preservation enough!

If you are a wedding vendor/retailer of any sort, you MUST recommend the services of HGP; if you are a bride, a relative to a bride or a friend of a bride, please guide them to this outstanding professional service. Do not make my mistake of trusting the locals, it is too great a risk, and the solution is so accessible and satisfying. Thanks again, Heritage Garment Preservation!

Karen – April 30, 2014

Looks good as new

Heritage Garment Preservation is outstanding. I recommend them to any bride that wants to ensure their dress is preserved the right way. I had a lot of dirt on my dress and it honestly looks as good as new! Thank you Heritage Garment Preservation :)

Nikki – April 30, 2014

Awesome work, customer service, & value

I couldn’t say enough about the help and the quality of work I received from Heritage Garments. I had a very tight timeline, 6 weeks tight, and they not only had to clean my 25+ year old dress & remove all the stains from years of improper storage but they customers s tailored it as well. I had the sleeves removed and very large holes fixed. I couldn’t be happier with my product I wish I could show pictures. My mother’s dress was everything I could have hoped for on my special day. They got all of this done in 2 weeks and a weeks a shipping. I was so impressed with their customer service and quality of work. I would defiantly recommend them to everyone. It’s awesome work, customer service, & value!!

Danilyn – April 28, 2014


I made the mistake of taking my dress to another cleaner before taking it to Heritage. The other dry cleaner left so many stains (and added one more!) setting the stains from my wedding into the hem of the dress.

Since I needed to resell my dress, the original cleaner’s job was unacceptable. Heritage put in so much effort and rescued the dress! I was able to sell it as a result of their work.

Original cleaner: $200 to destroy the possibility of selling the dress Heritage: $329 to rescue to the possibility of selling dress.

Unknown – April 15, 2014

Both dresses came back in great condition

I used Heritage Garment Preservation to clean and preserve both my wedding dress and my sister’s wedding dress. Although the price seems high compared to other cleaning services, I believe the quality of service offered by Heritage Garment Preservation is higher, making up for the difference in cost. I had a few questions throughout the process of getting my order submitted and asking about the timelines once the dresses were sent off, and I received prompt email responses to my questions, highly professional. I don’t know how busy the business is but my dresses came back clean and preserved after 10 and 12 weeks. Both dresses came back in great condition and I would recommend using this business to any and all of my friends who are looking to have their wedding dress cleaned and preserved.

Anonymous April 9, 2014

Looks As Good As It Did On Our Wedding Day

My wedding dress was a dream and I hope it will be a family heirloom. After spending hours searching for “the dress” I wasn’t satisfied with any of the options (or the pricing!). Fortunately, my mother is an incredibly talented seamstress. We hand designed the dress and my mother did her magic with mixing patterns and altering designs. We went to a specialty fabric store and selected beautiful materials to use. My mother hand embroidered detailing on my dress. For evenings leading up to the wedding my mother custom fit the dress on my body. These are memories I will treasure forever. The day of my wedding I heard what every bride appreciates: gasps and ahhs over my wedding gown. It really was a dream.

And then came pictures. My darling husband wanted to do some artsy shots in the nearby woods. I was terrified of damaging my dress. Though he tried to carry me (quite a picture) my dress still took a small beating. Add that to an outdoors reception, the white at the bottom was looking quite dingy. After an amazing evening, our classic 1930’s chauffeured car broke down on the way to the hotel. Another picture. After waiting for a replacement vintage car, the owners did a switcheroo and brought a personal vehicle to pick us up. It was filthy. My husband squoze into the back seat (two door car) and I sat in the front. It was covered in french fries, old stains, and filth. By the time we got to the hotel, the bottom of my dress and the back was a disaster.

In tears I worried that my dress would be ruined and not be able to become the family heirloom I had hoped for. Cried too soon! My sister had used Heritage Gown Preservation and assured me that they would be able to help. I sent my dress in…. voila! My dress is back to near perfect condition. The few tears were gone and the hem looks fresh. The appliques on the bodice were fixed and no stains remaining from the day’s adventures. I couldn’t believe it! It truly looks as good as it did on our wedding day. I am so excited

Holly – March 20, 2014

My Experience with Heritage Garment Preservation

I did a lot of research on wedding gown cleaning and preservation before deciding to go with Heritage. I had a couple suggestions from different friends and vendors, but ultimately, after reading an article from the Wall Street Journal, and comparing many options, I felt the most comfortable with Heritage. For me, it was important to be able to see that my gown was clean and properly preserved. I also heard a horror story from my best friend and Matron of Honor regarding her “box company” experience.

I chose the Heritage Select Museum Method for an Average-sized gown. I ordered a shipping kit, extra insurance, a Custom Preservation Label, and a Bouquet Preservation Box. I also discovered their Payment Plan and a discount/promo, both of which helped a lot financially!

I was very pleased with the end result. The gown was very well packaged, and the cotton preservation bag itself was wrapped nicely in another vinyl garment bag (for protection). The cotton preservation bag is great–clean and sturdy, and I feel comfortable storing my dress in it. The Custom Preservation Label is a great touch, and they included white gloves to be worn when handling the gown. When I opened the cotton preservation bag, I was happy and relieved to see my gown there, clean, and pristine. I checked the skirts, which were packed in acid-free tissue, and was ecstatic to see that they were clean. When my seamstress made the bustle for my dress, she added a small blue flower in the skirts which had gotten very dirty by the end of my wedding night. The small blue flower was all clean!

I would say the cost is in the mid-price range when comparing all the options. You can check their Current Discounts or Facebook pages for ongoing promotions. Overall, I will say it was well worth the price. They did a fantastic job, and their customer service is great! They even wrote a blog post about my wedding dress story, which was very sweet.

WillWork4Shoes – March 10, 2014

Tender Loving Care of Our Heirloom Gown

Thank you all for the wonderful care and restoration of my mother-in-law’s 77 year old silk wedding gown. It is now ready to be re-styled for my daughter Katie. The platic-bag related transfer is gone, the rust, perspiration and dirt have been removed and the fabric has been restored to a creamy, golden hue. We are all so pleased. I appreciate your long-distance hand-holding as you took us through the process. We will definitely be returning the gown to your for cleaning and preservation after the wedding in May.

Deb McCue – March 1, 2014

Fantastic Wedding Dress Preservation Company

Heritage did an amazing job on my wedding dress – fixing a hem tear and cleaning the dress in general. I love that they offer the option to get your dress sent back in a nice hanging garment bag, rather than stuffed in that cardboard box with the thin plastic window. I liked the idea that any time I wanted to, I could just open the garment bag up and see my entire gown. Throughout the process, if I had a question about where my dress was in the process, their customer service was very helpful and responded to my questions quickly. Out of all the wedding dress preservation companies that I researched, Heritage offered the best options.

Jess – Feb 25, 2014

Exceeded My Expectations

It looks beautiful! Just like before my wedding day. :-). You did a great job getting out all the dirt. Thanks for all your care and effort. You’ve been great to work with and exceeded my expectations on cleaning my gown.

Janet Cardinell – Feb 4, 2014

Great experience

My dress was a designer sample gown that was only ever worn at a bridal boutique. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and loved every minute of wearing it, so when it came back looking better than when I purchased it I was very impressed. The bottom had gotten rather dirty from our outdoor wedding…looks perfect now. Even had Heritage repair a few tears in the train area from where kids had stepped on it. Looks great. I went with the museum method of preservation and I am very pleased. Great customer service and easy shipping. Well worth my time and money. thank you

Jennifer Dzimiela – Jan 29 2014

Couldn’t be happier

Having had my first daughter’s gown cleaned and preserved with Heritage, I knew they were the only way to go when my second daughter got married earlier this year. The wedding gown is such an important part of any wedding. My daughters chose their dresses not only for that day but as a memory they’d have forever. Heritage was exceptional from the get go; everything was made simple during a hectic time. Their excellent customer service, exceptional cleaning, and attention to detail including personalizing the experience, ensured that I was a repeat customer.

Dina Malloch – Nov 19th 2013

The Gown is Perfect

When my daughter and I decided that I would make her wedding gown, every step had to be perfect. From the design of the gown, to the selection of the fabric, to the fit, to the construction of the gown, to the perfect day. Cleaning and preserving the gown had to also be perfect. We researched gown cleaning and preserving in our local area and online. Read reviews, spoke to people. Cleaning solutions, methods, handling, pressing, packaging were all researched. After all, we were only going to get one shot at having it done right. Heritage Garment Preservation had stellar reviews in many publications including the Wall Street Journal; a publication that I trust.

Communication is one of the strongest assets for this company. I had a lengthy conversation with Kathy before I made the decision to use Heritage. Several conversations and multiple emails during the process. Carmina and Kathy proved to be knowledgeable and understanding. Questions were asked and answered. fabrics and the processes to be used were clarified.

As I packed the gown to be shipped across the country, I was a little nervous and had to calm the people who said “Why across the country?” It turned out that we made the right decision. The gown started out in New jersey and ended in South Carolina with a stop in California. Julianne said that the gown was delivered as promised and that it looks great. I have not seen the finished product as I am still in NJ, but I’m sure I will approve.

Thank you Kathy, Carmina, and Jennifer. It’s not often that a business cares so much about what they do.

Marilyn Hellmuth Oct 22, 2013

Heritage Cleaning and Museum Method Gown Preservation

This company is great. I have been married for almost 4 years and never got my dress cleaned or preserved because I didn’t want it sealed in a box where I couldn’t ever get it out and look at it. They are so thorough. I had a broach pinned on my dress on my wedding day. I have since removed it and put it in a shadow box. They noticed the tiny little pin holes and contacted me to make sure the broach wasn’t missing from the shipping. I was wowed with that close of detail. I had stains from a spray tan on the inside and they are gone! They did a beautiful job and I recommend them to all of my friends!

Sara Apr 17th 2013

Well done and cared for.

I was very impressed at how my wedding gown was cleaned, preserved and packaged/sent in the mail. I was first worried that my wedding gown will be altered too much as it had a tear at the hem. But they were able to fix it smoothly. I can tell it was done with care. The staff that I spoke to on the phone and exchanged e mails with was very helpful in answering my questions and concerns about the whole process. They also responded right away. I highly recommend HGP to anyone who would love to have their wedding gown preserved. I am very grateful that I chose them to take great care of my wedding gown.

Anonymous Apr 9th 2013

I didn’t think it was possible…

Your company did a beautiful job on my wedding dress! I am very pleased with how clean it turned out. You were able to eliminate the yellow and the dirt from my dress that was 38 years old. I didn’t think it was possible!Thanks again and I will definitely recommend Heritage.

Lisa Morris March 22, 2013

It was so easy!

My dress ended up getting pretty dirty on my wedding day, so I chose Heritage Garment Preservation after a lot of internet research on dress cleaning and preservation companies. It was so easy, you place your order online and they ship you a box with instructions for shipping it back to them and then they clean and preserve your dress and ship it back to you. The service is very easy and I am so glad I went with this company to take care of my dress. I also found their prices to be very reasonable. My dress looks absolutely beautiful…just like it is new! I highly recommend Heritage Garment Preservation to anyone who is looking for quality cleaning and a variety of preservation methods for you wedding dress!

Katie Jan 28th 2013

Nice Job!

Dear Jennifer,Just wanted to take time from my busy holiday schedule to let you know how happy I am with the results of my mother-in-laws wedding dress. I sent in on to my niece who will be wearing it for her wedding. She was so happy and impressed at how beautiful it looked. Great job!

June S. Dec 13, 2012

Nicer Than Expected

The results were better than i expected. Very nice way to preserve my daughters gown for years to come. Excellent professional service.Thanks so much

Teresa Cluck Dec 1st 2012

Excellent Customer Service

I live in Canada and my daughter bought a 2 piece gown in Dubai. I sent the skirt to be Museum preserved. Heritage added the missing rhinestones, repaired the tulle and cleaned it beautifully. Heritage stands by their word. Anytime I sent an email – they responded and followed up with the delivery to Canada. It was worth every penny.By the way, I had my gown handled by Heritage many decades ago and its still in good condition. I wouldn’t go anywhere else by Heritage Garment Preservation.

Thank you for the excellent customer service, the details to clean and repair the skirt and your follow-up.

Debra (Winnipeg Manitoba) Nov 4th 2012

Easy to do!

I was putting off preserving my dress since I knew that it would probably never be worn again and I didn’t want the hassle or the expense. I’m glad I went with this company, it was so easy to do and the expense is worth it to see the dirty stains removed. It is nice to have my preserved dress hanging in a pretty bag where I can look at it any time I want. Thank you!

Anonymous Oct 27th 2012

Good work!

I just received my dress, it came in a pretty timely manor. I found the dress to look just as it did on the morning of my wedding. All of my dirt stains, grass, and chocolate cake were gone. It is great to be able to see the dress instead of it being sealed in the box. The custom label is pretty special too. So glad I went with this method.

Carmelina Oct 22nd 2012

Great Job!

I just got my dress back from Heritage Gown Preservation, and it looks great. I have not taken it ALL the way out of the garment bag (because it’s so nicely stuffed and shaped that I don’t want to mess it up), but it looks great. And the process was simple and painless. I spent a lot of time researching gown preservation, and I’m very happy with my choice!

Alex Aug 6, 2012


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